Tuesday, October 14

Preparation Double D

Red Bull Dreamride was little more than a chance to hang out with... I dunno.  Like everyone I know that rides a bike between Charlotte and Tennessee.  I had fun being part of some sort of Red Bull infomercial.  I was bothered by the fact that there were no trash cans/recycle bins close to the action (where the drinking happened).  I guess it woulda looked bad in the drone shots.  Hard to see all the garbage at peoples' feet from above.  Not so hard when everyone is heading out to the shuttles.

Kudos to Oskar Blues.  Only charging $6 for a 19.2oz Stovepipe?  That was pleasantly surprising, since we were trapped on the property with no outside food or beverages allowed.  They coulda reamed people but didn't.  I don't know how expensive the food was.  I ate two Pop Tarts at 6:00AM and didn't see the business end of a Philly cheese steak until about 8:00PM.  That's all part of the diet plan.

Double Dare prep this week.  I'm already behind.  The Oldest Dog in the World decided to have a senior moment Friday night.  Lots of pacing, moaning, and barking... I slept maybe three hours.  I'm still tired.

That does not mean "The Piling" has not begun.

One of the things I hate most about 24 hour races (aside from riding for 24 hours without sleep).  Stuff.  So much of it to gather, analyze, sort, stack (yes, I would make a terrible Tour Divide rider).  I'm gonna have to wear a pack, so whatever.  Too much food, clothing, first aid, lights... stuff.  I hate stuff.

I'm doing whatever I can to minimize stuff.

The world's best ever multi-tool.

2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm Allens, T-25 and a flat head screwdriver.  I should be able to do whatever with these.  Swap brake pads, adjust brake reach, put my crank back on, kill a squirrel.  I'll be selling these totally customizable tools for whatever a Blackburn Toolmanator 16 costs, plus a 5mm from Home Depot and my labor ($20).  I expect to sell none of them.

Calories.  The lazy (and smart) man's choice.  Carborocket 333 Single Serve Stick Packs make things way too easy.  Starting with two full bottles each day and carrying four single serves, 5-6 hours worth of calories and something that doesn't taste like dookie when mixed with creek water.  Ramens and canned tuna, also lazy and warm in the belly for Saturday night.  Pop Tarts and coffee for breakfast.  All the same principle.

Now add in ALL the Little Debbie's Fudge Brownies.  280 calories per.

Times twelve and I haz 3,360 calories, 36 grams of protein, almost 100% of my daily iron, all the fat and sugar.

Zombie Apocalypse fantasy food.  So many calories, portable, and as an added plus, zombies hate diabetics.  Too rich for their tastes.

And the whole time I'm getting all this ready for the Double Dare, I look at the Vertigus that needs to be converted back to racing bike cycle in less than two weeks for the Wilkes 100k.

And all I really want to do is sleep for eight straight hours.


Anonymous said...

Some of my co-workers worked in maintenance at Big Debra's. They will not even touch those brownies. Say they are made from almost purely lard and vegetable oil.

dicky said...

... and love.

S Sprague said...

That is one sweet multi-tool! I'll see if I can build one using an ole' Alien multi-tool.

Anonymous said...

i thought lay ruta was the tuffest race on earth.