Monday, November 17

L with extra good BS

The SORBA/IMBA board meeting was in Charlotte this weekend.  Whilst I'm still not responsible or mature enough to be a part of a "board" or a "committee," I still headed out to the Backyard Trails to take part in the group ride and sorta guide out-of-towners, along with several others and a few Faster Mustache teammates.

I spent a decent part of the day cutting through the woods, trying to get photos while not getting poison ivy, and occasionally warning the riders in our "medium fast" group of upcoming perils and optional ride-arounds.  It was interesting to see large groups of people getting their first look at our little gem nestled in and amongst the neighborhoods and the sewage treatment facility.  Good times.

After the ride, I was headed back to Bike Source with The Gentle Ginger.  Not only were there some parts and things for me to pick up, there was word of possible beers.  Snag my new King cages, pick out a new commuter light (time to see and be seen for a change), head to the back for beerage.

The King cages are just part of a much bigger overhaul on the Vertigo.

Anyways, it was apparent that the Bike Source employees do not waste the close access to Total Wine across the street.  Yummy growlers were shared and closing time quickly came.  Before they had a chance to lock the doors though, an out-of-towner from the SORBA meeting had walked in at the last minute with a broken spoke... and a desire to fit in one more ride the next day in Charlotte before heading home... and beer.

And that's when we all stood around and watched The Gentle Ginger do his magic.  What looked like a quick fix (spoke swap) then required a nipple replacement... which meant pulling the Stan's tape back.  Then it was "Hey, this other spoke looks... not so good."

Two spokes, tape back in place, dump in some Stan's, remount the tire, replace the cassette... and this dirty drivetrain needs some love while we're here...

And the guy was one happy camper (maybe, he might have been staying in a hotel) rolling out the door some minutes later.

I like Bike Source.  I used to kind of think of them as the corporate shop in town with no personality (before Performance Bike opened a location in Charlotte and snagged the title).  Although they are part of a four store chain, they are anything but corporate.  Sure the shop is huge, but it's full of knowledgeable employees who ride and live bikes.  I had just about given up on finding a shop to call mine own after Bicycles South closed so many years ago.  I was destined to live the life of the bike shop nomad, frequenting all the quality shops that are within ten miles of my house (there's close to ten of them).  Fortunately, I fell in with a good group of people and now have a LBS once again.

Beers drank.  Rode home with the new commuter light.

Hey, look.  I can see where I'm going. 

Life is good.


Mike said...

Is that lame with extra good bullshit?
Or local with extra good bullshit?
As both apply, I am having a difficult time determining the meaning of your abbreviations.

dicky said...


with extra good...



John Parker said...

King Cages....I think I have one from the 90's that's still going strong.

Must be more of a story as to why now?

Anonymous said...

Advocat sez:
Thanks for helpin' Rich. Will pass along a link to the SORBA folks sos theys gots photos of themselves at BYT.

dicky said...

I haz more photos of our "group," but lazy won over thoroughness.

Anonymous said...

Leaves look to still be really green there! Jealous!

On a side note. We also have trails all around a sewage treatment plant.

Jay Wilkes said...

Thanks guys for leading. Got to say BYT is the most unique trail. Loved the urban assault feel with some tight technical. Glad the "Huffy" could partake in the ride. ;)