Friday, November 14


This has been making the rounds for some time, but the other day I saw it and took some action:

This is the type of humor that Josh the Wonderboy would really enjoy (if he would ever join the internet).  He's always been one to draw dicks on the Charlotte Observer and leave them where he found them (in Starbucks, next to peoples' erroneously overestimated supply of napkins).  So knowing his comedic flavor preferences, I sent the image to him in a text earlier this week.  He never responded.

I saw him the other day... our occasional 1:00PM sit down on a bench outside of the tallest building between Atlanta and New York City.  I asked him why he never replied to my text.

"What text?"

"The Kenny Loggins Jesus picture."

"Yeah, what about it?  I made that years ago."


So the story goes that Josh found the religious handout folded up and stuck in his door.  He put his creative brain to work and left it somewhere.  Jason B witnessed the entire thing and has corroborated this story.  From there, someone found it where Josh left it, took a picture, posted it to the internet...

and magic took over.  Years after the doing of the deed, do a Google image search for Kenny Loggins Jesus and this happens:

It went everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.  Josh created a Wondertürd without even knowing it.

"I wished I woulda put in a better effort." 

And that's how it goes.  Everyone can take a shit everyday, but rarely does one take a shit that the whole world notices.

Thusly, that's what's behind the silence earlier this week, and more than likely, in the weeks that come.  I'm bored and not going to bother shitting here everyday.  When I have a shit worth looking at, I'll leave the door open.  If not, my shit will remain private.  I will be enjoying the down time (sleeping) and accomplishing nothing (seriously).

This whole thing started with a slump on Sunday.  My back was hurting (again) and I found myself stuck to the couch on a beautiful 60°+ sunny day... watching Christmas decorations go up, and I didn't even have the energy to make snide remarks.  I coulda rode my bike.  The Pie even told me to go, but I was just not feeling it, and not feeling it made it all the worse knowing for sure that "it" should have been felt.  I slumped until Tuesday, forced myself to prepare for a night ride (something I do probably once a year), rode with Zac and Kürdt at the Whitewater Center that night, and life felt better (except my back still hurt).

This back pain is a drag, threatening my burgeoning cycle bike cross career.  The biggest events in the world (that won't cover) are looming on the horizon.  Back to back weeks of...

If I don't get better soon, I'm gonna miss my chance to get those UCI points I need to get a front row start at Worlds (assuming I read the rules correctly).


Anonymous said...

Make sure you wear your rainbow jersey without sleeves. They give you double points that way.

Big E said...

I've been going through the same thing. The slump, not the back pain. It's been happening for probably two months. About the only thing that forces me out the door is the prospect of turning the wheels in anger during a race. Every other day is serious push to get my fat ass on a bike. Once I'm there I'm glad I did it. It's just getting there. Meh, I don't know. I guess this too shall pass. Much like a turd or even a wunder turd. Please don't turn off the lights for too long. If I don't get at least regular intervals of mud laden snarkiness I may shrivel up and die. No pressure...

AdamB said...

What hE said... ^^^
I don't need any more of my body shriveling up this winter...

Anonymous said...

Shriveling?.. Its fall, the fattening has begun. "There can only be one..donut eaten after another." 341

Anonymous said...

Do you have tight hamstrings? I have suffered from bouts of back pain for over 20yrs. Discovered only recently that it has been mostly due to tight hamstrings and glutes.

North Bay Chris said...

I look forward to reading your shits on my cold, dark and occasionally rainy commute into work.

If that warming anticipation becomes less frequent, I might start driving.

Feel guilty?