Tuesday, December 9

Hoodventures and Jubilations

Sunday also happened.  I wasn't sure I could convince myself to leave the house again.  I was exposed to a certain amount of people on Saturday that made me not want to see more any time soon.

But somehow with The Pie and Nia headed out to do good, I didn't want to be home alone.  I called Zac.  He was heading out on a hoodventure.  I prepped my bike and headed north to meet up with him.  Basically riding most of the 2014 Tour duh Charlotte route, with small tweaks and twists.

I love when the leaves fall from the trees and bullets are tossed from open car windows:

Bullets.  In the street.  Never found one before.  Sunday, I found two.

So many off the beaten path... ummm... paths.

A park I'd never seen before and a covered bridge for no reason.

I need to talk about this Gore-Tex coat/vest at some point...

Zac takes care of his trails.   They are his baby. 

They are also a jewel in Charlotte that almost nobody else takes pleasure in.  Not the most thrilling, but nice to leave a car out of the equation and see things most people don't even know exist.

And bullets.

We rode into the darkness and back towards things and stuff.  Responsibilities for him.  The Bike Source Christmas party for me.  All 3,000 employees were there, and conversations were had in rooms, near fires that were eyebrow melting, and in the Handy Shack.

I pretty much forgot I had a camera on my phone until way late, and when this happened, it was time to leave anyways.

Dip 'n Spray always provides the best motivation to ghost out of a party.  Nobody wants to end up with a Hot Pocket.

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