Thursday, December 11

Share the Wisdom Wednesdays (on Thursdays): Part Six

You might think this doesn't belong in Share the Wisdom Wednesdays (on Thursdays), but this is my blog, so whatever.  I'm gonna give you two Christmas shopping suggestions, assuming you're someone who wants to buy something for that special cyclist in your life (or if you're the cyclist making a list to hand to your significant other).

Last year, this came into my life:

The ALP-X 2.0 WINDSTOPPER® Soft Shell Zip-Off Jacket came into my world by accident.  I wanted something else, but I got this... I kept it anyway.  I figured it would be a great coat for work (delivering things on a bicycle).  I was wrong.


It was too much coat for the job.

Napoleon pocket in front for phones and such, two rear zip pockets plus a jersey-type mesh pocket in the center, removable sleeves...

The stretchy windproof part was awesome.  The sleeves were the right length and the internal cuffs sealed out the wind.  But after a winter's worth of use, I discovered that:

1. My messenger bag was wearing through some of the reflective piping from swinging it front to back.

2. Sometimes the bag would grab the zippers on the removable sleeves and unzip them just a bit.

3. I hardly ever took the sleeves off.

4. Rear pockets are kinda irrelevant when you're wearing a messenger bag all day, and the Napoleon pocket sits under the strap (Napoleon must not have been a messenger).

5. It was too perfect for what it was intended for, so I didn't want to wear it out at work.

I love this coat for actual cycling.   Days that start cold but warm up hours later?  Pull the sleeves off and store them in the pockets.  Of course, do the reverse when conditions are the exact opposite.

Like farting around town all afternoon with the sleeves stored away until you need them on the cold ride home from a party much, much later.  Keep in mind, this is not a "wispy thin wear it with some thicker layers and shove it all in a jersey pocket when the temps climb" kinda jacket.  This thing adds some warmth, and there's no storing the whole thing away tidy-like unless you're wearing a pack (nerd).

The few times that I've worn it the actual way it was intended, it was brilliant.  This is the perfect coat for people who just ride bikes like normal people do.

In determining that this coat wasn't perfect for work, I went looking for a new coat.  I ordered this from Twin Six:

The Twin Six Standard Tech Jacket.

Black.  Simple.  Wind resistant, fleece lined, tall necked, long sleeves... perfect.

Well, except that....

I want to wear it all the time now.  Not just at work, but whenever I leave the house.  It has sweet pockets in the front, so I have a place to put my hands when I'm standing around (no more wondering what to do with my hands).

Zippered pocket in the back so I can keep my phone and money secure at all times (and I'll verify that every seven minutes regardless).

And ventilation in the pits, which is probably a good and a bad thing, considering I'm sweating this jacket up a little at work and then wearing it in casual situations when others may not want to smell my underarms.

I love this coat enough I want two of them so I can wear one to work and one everywhere else... except when I go on those rides that the Gore-Tex coat WAS MADE FOR.

So if you are a cyclist (or you love one) there's no going wrong here, unless you order the wrong coat for the right person or the right coat for the wrong person.  They're easily the best coats I've ever owned for the specific purposes I'm using them for...

and they're both at a price point that says "I love you... like a lot.  Don't expect much else this year."


Anonymous said...

The Twin Six link is foooked. This one is more better -

dangerGator said...

Have both colors in the Twin-Six, jacket kicks ass.