Monday, December 22

Selfless Selfies

Back on the rigid crabon frok this weekend, without the aid of a 3.0 Chronicle or the drooper.  It felt like the good old times by the second ride of the weekend... which woulda been celebrated as a Winter Solstice ride had I been paying attention, but I had not.

So strange getting used to having a saddle up my ass again.  Much less of a hindrance than my drooper-addled brain remembered. I had been getting so lazy recently, using my squishy/droopy bike on local rides.  I really missed the pure speed of a light and efficient bike (minus the uncomfortable parts).

But I still wished I'd had a droopers more often than I woulda liked.  The first step in dealing with an addiction is admitting you have one.  All in all, the ride(s) were what I was looking for, a good test for the new crabon frok.  Plenty of speed leading into rooty sections, braking bumps, and rock gardens.

I also found out that taking timer shots is a huge pain in the ass, even with the 12 second timer and one photo per second burst.  Yes, I coulda used the Olympus app that turns my iPhone into a remote, but I hadn't planned this out all that well.  That and it's amazing how far one travels in just under a second... I can't see who has the patience to do this.  Great way to ruin a pleasant ride.  Three (almost) decent shots in the probably fifteen to twenty minutes wasted. 

Nifty experiment, but as much as I don't bother pulling out my camera to snap a photo of my friends, I really don't want to take the time to set up for a (possible) shot of myself just to use on the blog only to make it slightly more interesting... especially when I could just photoshop my head onto a body double (a shirtless Brian Lopes).

Back to the car, I got the harassment I probably deserve for driving a vehicle with identifying stickers all over the back.

Turns out it was Merrill, who didn't bother to tell me she was going for a ride at Sherman.  She coulda been my photographer.  Whatever.

BTW: My penis is more of a mid-sized sedan with decent gas mileage and a clean title.

Tomorrow, I'm gonna post up a Share the Wisdom Wednesdays (on Thursdays), despite it not being Wednesday or Thursday.  My Christmas present to me, five days off from this.  Hoping to ride (lots), sleep (loads), and drink (some). 

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jkeiffer said...

No sense throwing a Fit about your size.

And I don't believe its possible to ride without a drooper anymore. So you are lying. And that's probably the real reason you only show photos of your foot.