Friday, December 19

Things are about to get bulbous.

Firstly, Dahn Pahrs accused me of spending more time cleaning my bikes than riding them.  He's mostly wrong.

I sorta clean my bikes... when I get a package from my tire/sticker sponsor, Maxxis, makers of great bike race tires and the most adhesive decals ever.  Aside from that, I clean my bikes only when they are shit-nasty this time of year.  It's not that I don't got time for that.  I just don't got resolve to get out the door with a bucket and sponge when it's @ 30° out.

The DickStickel... still not half clean enough to receive the new and very improved Maxxis decal.

I realize a ProGold towel would do the job, but I'd still rather spend that time creating a custom shim so that my Spur Cycle Black Bell won't touch my brake lever.

Why clean a chain when you can just replace it?

Was so waiting to wear out that old KMC X9SL so I could replace it with the special edish Pink Lady.  Fish-eyed so no one can be sure if it's saggy or tight and leave comments regarding my oversight.  Trust me when I say that my shit is tight.

On to important things.  I did this about a month ago:

My Thomson Elite drooper yoinked off the Vertigo Meatplow V.7 for a couple reasons.

1. I wanted to save it from exposure to the elements in the off "season" in order to keep it tip-top come next April.

2. I needed to see if I could still ride this:

Things gleaned from this experiment so far...

1.  Who rides with these things?  I've been so spoiled, drooping ever since day three of the 2014 Trans-Sylvania Epic until just recently.  I droop constantly EVERYWHERE I RIDE.  So many times over the last month I've gone "swing and a miss" with my left thumb, hoping to improve my ride... but nothing happens.

2.  I got used to riding a zero setback post.  Not that one was better than the other for me (to my knowledge), but it's different for sure.  I'm sure fit experts would argue... I wouldn't listen.

3.  The comfort of a ti post is a beautiful thing.  I miss it.    The simple sexy stick that it is.

4.  I'm not sure my rigid post skill set is still valid.  I mean, I never want to do any serious endurance race without a drooper, so why bother with a regular post at all?  I have an easier time swapping from a rigid crabon frok to a 150mm Pike than I do going from a regular post to a drooper.  It changes the whole riding experience that much.

Droopers, man.   I remember a time when I took pride in no longer have to stop and drop my saddle when riding the Pisgah (or Wilson's Creek) gnar.  It's still a great skill to have, but sorta pointless.

Sorta like using a fish eye lens.


Anonymous said...

What size is that Moots post? I'll take it off your hands so you don't have to both switching the damn piece of junk. In fact, it's so worthless you should just give it to me.

I'll give you my number. Call me, maybe.

Anonymous said...

Do you still have Ericksen set back post too in previous pics. With red bits? For sale as moots is?

Doug Mayer said...

this is why i can't have a drooper.

also, in before droopy dicky jokes.

Anonymous said...

Dicky, a little help here. Since you've got the Thomson post out, can you see if that silver metal piece at the bottom of the post spins freely? My frame builder, (who will remain unnamed) jammed the post into a curved seat tube and now it's pretty stuck. I can spin it but won't come out. Even with my 150lbs of man-fury. Trying to brainstorm how to get it out without a hacksaw or blow torch. Thanks.