Thursday, December 4

Share the Wisdom Wednesdays (on Thursdays): Part Five

Some consider me obsessive compulsive.  Others, anal retentive.  And any others that are left, anal compulsive.

All these things might hint of some sort of organizational skills or a knack for keeping one's shit straight.  I do not.

The aftermath of one freehub rebuild, a pair of glasses and hat hazardously tossed on the "work bench," gloves that should be on a shelf three feet to the right, an afterthought regarding carrying more CO2 cartridges for no real reason, sawed-off bits of a crabon bar, an El Paso trail map, packaging from a recent grip install...

 That's new on the ESI grips... they musta heard about me.  I haz chosen.

Anyways, the level of organization in my bike room has always left me wanting for more.  I swear, the bigger my square footage gets, the more the situation degrades.  Only recently have I cleared off the other, non-pegboarded bench so I can actually work on bike stuff without hunching over or sitting on the floor.  Sadly, that bench sits on the other side of the room, giving me about ten steps to lose/misplace/forget things as I move between the two.  I can't figure out a better layout for the room, being that it was intended to be something other than a bike room (home designers, pfft), so I'll have to continue to just deal with it.

But I have figured one thing out...

A whiteboard.  Simple, wonderful, perfect.

Often times, I find myself with time on my hands, certain there's something I could be doing...

If only I could think of it.

So now it stares me in the eye(s) when I walk into the bike room (and turn slightly right).  Things that need to be done but don't feel like doing at the time I think of them go up there...  except for "Poop."  Pretty sure one of my delinquent children put that up there.  I don't need a reminder to do that, and it's hardly something I could inspire myself to do in any "spare" time.

On rainy weekend days, quiet Sunday mornings when The Wiz is playing, whenever... I now know what to do, assuming I want something to do.  This thing has been so helpful, and if you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.

I should mention that I've wanted a whiteboard for months, but I kept forgetting to pick one up... because I hadn't written it on a whiteboard.

Now, go ahead and tell me I could just use scrap paper and whatnot.  SRSLY.  Go ahead.

After years of scrawling notes on everything imaginable on every surface imaginable (nothing is sacred), lets just say I had shit everywhere, and poorly annotated and unsorted shit at that.  Numbers, prices, dates, keyboard short cuts, suspension settings... all things I never felt comfortable throwing away, so a lot to sort through when I need it.  Putting my to-do list in the same system of chaotic non-order?  No.

And yes, my bibs are hanging on a re-purposed fire poker now.



Anonymous said...

26 days off and that's all you got? Pfft!

Anonymous said...

What's in the blue bins???

dicky said...

Give or take: