Friday, December 5

Watts: My problem.

I found myself facing the fact that if I didn't use at least one more day of PTO before the end of the year, I would lose it.    Letting it fall away unused would be a travesty.  Never waste a paid day off, and...

It couldn't happen.  So I began plotting and asking and threatening... trying to find an adventure worthy of a day off and an associate hardy enough to join me.  There was no way I was going to take the day just to mulch leaves (something I did in the dark with my commuter light the other night) or "Christmas shop" (something I just don't do).  I looked at events that a three day weekend might enhance, but scheduling and sore back issues conspired against me.  December loomed on the horizon, as did 2015, the taker of PTO.

Desperate, I contacted Bill Nye the Science Amigo.  He's always up for some fun (and has a strange work schedule wherein he works seven days a week once a year and then no more). 

He tried to play me off at first... something about getting ready for a big Legos competition in January.

But after some arm (nipple) twisting, he agreed to be bored with me.  Now, where to go?

I decided we would go see Watts in Greensboro, all uninvited like.

You know him, writer of the biannually published blog over at Revolting Cogs and owner of Revolution Cycles in the Southeast cycling mecca of Greensboro, NC.  So I contacted Watts and told him we are coming his way.  He told me that he had a big weekend of spray paint sniffing already planned, but he'd see what he could do.  Fortunately, he was able to postpone his huffing activities for another week and acquiesce our requests for safe harbor and good times.

"I guess this Krylon will keep for another week" ~ Watts

Watts says that when we get there, we will meet at his awesome bike shop that has beer and other stuff.

And then we head out to the local Greensboro trails.  Watts has assured me that even though we'll be in Central North Carolina, the trails are rad.

And these images are just from his last ride right out the door from the shop!

After a sweet ride that will surely include the best hucks, shreds, brown pow and scantily clad women possible, it's back to the shop for beer.

And then we head out on the town.  I am much excite.  Watts has not only been known to hang with the cycling world Illuminati....

l-r: Watts, Howie Mandel, Orville Redenbacher, John Lithgow

l-r:  Matt Damon, Watts, Jason Statham

He also knows how to party.

The last time I hung out with Watts in an urban drinking setting, it was one of those nights that required cell phone photos and counting bruises to piece together the next day.

I can't wait to see how this turns out (when and if I wake up Saturday morning).

The blog may be dead on Monday morning (the Bike Source Christmas party is on Sunday night, which means Monday may not even happen at all), so expect to read all about everything here on Tuesday or over on Watts' blog some time in February.

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Having friends looks fun.