Tuesday, January 20

I heard two teams are going to the Super Bowl this year

Back pain, chance of rain, threat of Bane...

Nothing stopped me from getting the rides in that I wanted... as I so loosely planned them late last week.  Icycle shakedown ride on the Vertigo.  Everything seemed top notch and ready to go.  New chain on my most-used cog of 2014 (19T) making a little crunchy noise, but I can deal with it.  Finally even threw down my $40 for a parking pass at the US National Whitewater Center...

which means I now have to go seven more times (by car) to break even.  Shouldn't be too hard this year, so much trail up there now with the prospect of even more being built soon (without volunteer labor, I might add), so yeah.  My go-to local playground in 2015, especially considering that the nearby Backyard Trails should be under temporary destruction some time soon.

Monday drooper testing and geared bicycle riding in the mountains.  It's been two years since I've ridden gears in Pisgah (hated it then).  As winter always tends to bring out never seen before assemblages of persons, Monday it was Eric "PMBAR Honcho" Wever, April, and Todd.

photo cred: Eric

photo cred: Eric

Eric "PMBAR Honcho" Wever

Gears... strange beastly implements.

 photo cred: Eric
Combined with the slower-than-the-Industry-Nines-that-I'm-used-to engagement, I was a mess.  More than once I shifted my drooper and drooped my rear derailleur.  Wrong gear most of the time combined with a false start on a slow-reacting free hub meant that I found myself in a pickle quite often.  Like going from Atari 2600 on a rear projection screen straight to Super Nintendo on a 13" black and white... too many buttons VS some well-developed muscle memory and a warped sense of what's just right.

Also, the whole one water bottle thing left me a jersey pocket shy of being able to carry everything, so I had to break out the Titan Tank to make room for ALL THE THINGS.

If you know me, I don't like extraneous things on my bike, but I had to do what I had to do... and secondly, not my bike anyways.

Full zip-tie routing of the drooper.  Once again, not my bike.

There were some upsides.  I haven't ridden up Daniel's Ridge from the Cove Creek connector to Farlow in years (a decade?).  I have walked it many times alongside my single speed, but without gears?  Dunno if it could be done.  That was neat.

Gears don't mean that I'm gonna ride skinny log bridges with a precipitous entrance and the end of a steep descent though.

photo Cred: Eric
Gears don't make the (super) man.

An incredible ride with friends spanning a few different parts and periods of my life.  Coming down Butter, I told Eric I had sads, as this was one of those rides that I didn't want to ever end.  January, dry trails, primo conditions, sleeveless jersey weather...

A good day to be alive and in the woods, despite coming home to sit on the couch with an icepack the rest of the night.


Anonymous said...

What's going down at BYT?

dicky said...

Construction of a greenway that will slice through the trail system, but in the end will be a good thing for trail users... they swear.

Anonymous said...

What hub? Stan's 3.30 or whatever?

Anonymous said...

More in relation to some previous posts, but whatever...
1) Gloves- it seems that what you describe is wanting a glove with just one layer of material on the back. The Answer's have some kind of liner, hence making them far too warm for above 70 degrees or so. Giros- one layer.
2) Back pain- maybe if you stopped using your body as a mtb suspension system, your back pain would improve?

dicky said...

Yes, Stan's 3.30

Gloves. I have quite a few Giro gloves. Like the back, the palms are just okay (seams).

Back pain. It didn't originate from rigid riding. Long story of a race, pulling a muscle the next day trying to lift something, doing stupid things, trying the VERY WRONG NEW MATTRESS, getting a new mattress.

My back actually feels better after a ride.

Anonymous said...

That'll be swell. Let's make it really easy for more helmetless dipsticks to get to the jumpy jumpy portions of BYT. Thanks for the info.