Friday, January 16

Pain is temporary... they tell me

Current epicenters of my back pain as of 01/16/15

Current locations of super stokage to ride mega-big-time over the coming three day weekend:

I'm the parent in charge starting tonight as Pie leaves to go pound pavement with a number pinned to her tutu.  I'm free starting Sunday.  Four bikes available to play with, but only one of them will be my main ride for the Icycle next week.

XC nut crusher and night downhill racing death machine.

Shakedown ride, maybe some time in the Pisgah, definitely some time on a foam roller afterwards.

I'm sure my back will sort itself out sooner or later.  Prolly later.


Anonymous said...

Go get a massage, duh.

Flip and Sip!!


dicky said...

The Pie scheduled me for tomorrow.

Angie doesn't do flip and sips though... not that I asked.

Anonymous said...

The problem is all in your hip...flexors.

Anonymous said...

How did I get here and who still maintains a blog?

dicky said...

Less maintaining and more like keeping the life support plugged in.

Anonymous said...

Do you have really tight hamstrings? I was damn near crippled most of 2014 with really bad lower back pain. Ended up being totally due to having really tight hamstrings.

The Padre said...

Dude, epic muscle chart & additions.

Agnes Lawson said...

Awww! I'm sure your back pain will get better real soon. It's just a matter of accessing the right treatments for that, plus maintenance. It can be really bothersome, but you really have to be patient and press on with your current regimen. Thanks for sharing that! Take care always!

Agnes Lawson @ Pain Relief Experts

Jacqueline Hodges said...

What a great story and it's awesome that you are willing to do the work in therapy. Two years ago my tractor tipped sideways on a hill and pinned my foot. I ended up in physical therapy for 2 months and it was amazing. From the baths to the stretching it all helped! Keep up the good work!

Jacqueline Hodges @ Dr Koziol