Tuesday, January 27

Putting the "I" in ibuprofen

All I can say is, thank you, narcotics.  I know they're supposed to be thrown away as opposed to saved for someone other than whom they are prescribed to... but whatever.  I try to not take ibuprofen, mostly because any pain that it can knock out, I'd rather just deal with on my own.  Any pain too great for ibuprofen?  Yeah... gimme ALL the things.

So no need to go to an urgent care, pay a co-pay, be told that there's nothing they can do except medicate.  No thanks.  Doing that already.  I can tell the pills are doing the job, as I got through yesterday without feeling too bad, but when I woke up this morning with an empty tank? 

Added bonus.  I'm waking up every twenty to thirty minutes, looking at the clock, and then falling back to sleep.

It was nice to be able to go to work.  My paid time off is for fun, not for sickness or injuries (IMHOMO)  Thanks to the droopy/shifty ROS 9 that Niner Mike loaned me, I'm rolling around relatively pain free.  Relatively.  The drooper makes getting on and off so much easier.  I'm now remembering why it's a good idea to keep a geared bike handy, and maybe I shouldn't have sold the hoopty DeBernardi.  Oh well.

Was so looking forward to getting over my back pain, but the two implements I purchased to work on my back at home aren't so handy when I can't use them. 

Massage therapist-approved self-flagellation devices

And the follow-up massage The Pie has scheduled for me this weekend?  I don't know if I want anyone touching me right now.

Perfect timing or shitty depending on how you look at it.  On one hand, I've got nothing going on, and I need to be taking it easy anyways if I want my back to get better.  On the other hand, I'm going to be bored and feel sads.  Beer and food makes boreds and sads go away.   

Also pretty bummed to not have a decent Icycle.  I think the last one that worked out for me on some level was almost a decade ago.  A DECADE.  That's a mighty long time. 

Whine.  Bitch.  Moan.

Glad to get that out of my system.  At least having a nice hole to dig out of means that at some point things will be better than they are now, so I got that going for me... which is nice.


Eric Wever said...

No mention of exploding gas cans? Oskar Blues epic donations of beer?
THE 'chainless' Neko vs. THE guy with ALL the legs and beard?
World class talent at the grass-rootsyest of the grass roots races? World champs, National champs, World and National contenders?
Damn dude, you're slackin'.
Thanks for coming out anyway!!!

Jason Wilson said...

Dicky I hear you on the ribs and only narcotic induced sleep. My back is full of surgeon holes and I can't lay on my side with all the crunchy ribs. There is no comfy position.

Bob Moss said...

With you being in that condition now, we may have a good race at 6 Hours of Warrior Creek, if you race solo.

dicky said...

I mentioned some of the yesterday, Eric...

but exploding gas cans?

I might have self-medicated a little too heavily Saturday night to remember that.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Eric on this one. You have a perfect platform to express the happenings of this weekend from the position of "dude... it was all like badass and shit.....brah"......because you hurt yourself. Sooo many good moments to give glory to your kids. You old curmudgeon....... I hate you. Xoxo

dicky said...


Mike P said...

Today I get my ball sewn together. Topper.

Anonymous said...

Forgetting what happened yesterday..telling anybody who'll listen about your physical ailments..sounds like your blog is a big hit with the geriatric crowd.

P.s. can I borrow your dremel tool?

dicky said...


Anonymous said...

Pay attention? The icycle broke me.

Chip Batson said...

Tough crowd.

Montana said...

It's sock month. I want to read things about socks.

dicky said...

That's February.