Thursday, January 29

Share the Wisdom Wednesdays (on Thursdays): Part Thirteen

From the "do as I say, not as I usually do" category...

I kinda glazed over mentioning this thing Tuesday:

The first time I saw one, I had no idea what it was.  I was staying at Carp's house for the Tour de Burg... musta been at least five years ago.  Looked like some kinda clothes hanger to me.  I saw it move around the room as if it were being used or getting in someone's way. 

And then I saw someone using it.

BTW:  The manual slays me.  I can't handle this.

Alright, getting past that...

Of course, when you see someone using such a thing, you think "lemme me try that." 

It was incredible.  The leverage I could get on points of my body without resorting to rolling around on the floor with a tennis ball was mind-blowing.

The Thera Cane I borrowed belonged Buck Keich, 2005 Single Speed World Champion and the best massage therapist I've ever shared a "flip and sip" moment with.

He highly recommended buying one, I listened... and then I forgot all about it.  Par for the course.

So fast forward, years later, and I've got these nagging back issues with some real pin-pointed pain between my shoulders.  The massage therapist pulling me apart suggests that I get a Thera Cane...

"Hey, I think I know what you're talking about."

So, being desperate to get past this whole back issue and not wanting to disappoint the massage therapist with my obvious lack of follow-thru (like last time) while also wasting the money invested in the massage to begin with, I ordered one.

OMG.  Where have you been all my life?

I've rolled on foam rollers and tennis balls.  I've used heating pads and ice packs.  I've played with people's  (The) Stick(s)®.  Nothing, and I mean nothing has been quite the pleasant surprise that the Thera Cane has been. 

One of my biggest issue with riding a rigid single speed (esp at a stage race) is the knots on my back, similar to what I've been experiencing recently.  This thing digs into them like nobody's business.  Sure, it requires more effort than lying face down on a massage table.  Still, I can comfortably sit on the couch and watch Jerry Springer while really working those painy parts (trigger points) with minimal effort due to the increased leverage the Thera Cane offers.

Check out the manual when you get a chance (ignore the awful drawings).  This thing has more uses than a toaster oven, but is as equally disappointing as a microwave when it comes to properly reheating pizza.

It's the best $35 I've ever spent to take care of myself, which is kind of a theme I've got going for 2015.  I'm not gonna get carried away (actually, I might have), but instead of pissing money away on a bike that I'm going to hate three months from now, I'm going to see if I can put it to some better use.

My well being.  Maybe it's time.


Jason said...

I think you just sold me and my constantly jacked up back at Thera Cane. Now to follow through on actually buying it...

Anonymous said...

"Flip and sip" is a registered trade mark of my treatment program at the TSE and is only available during my six o'clock appointment. I believe that I am already booked for the up coming year. Isn't that right Mr. Dickey?


dicky said...

I might do an every other day. Waiting for the "flip" just to "sip" gets old.

Maybe we do a half-price "sip only" session?

Anonymous said...

You may already be aware of this but apparently the pflug is retiring from competitive racing due to some back issues. Less competition for you...unless you succumb to the same fate.

What I recommend is having a fat chick sit on your spine.

josh neeley said...

...or your face. (That's a joke about eating puss.)

josh neeley said...

Hey! How'd my name get attached to that. I post comments anonymously. What kind of NSA blog trickery is this?

thomas boylan said...

Left mine in Farnsworths car last week. I cringe thinking of what he might be doing with it.

Anonymous said...

im lovin it!