Tuesday, February 10

My Weak is Strong

Rib update, and for what's it's worth, I guess my back too.

I went for a trail ride on Sunday.  Not sure if it was a good idea, but upper sixty degree temps calling my name?   I couldn't resist.

Probably wasn't a good idea.  Felt at least okay with minimal pain for awhile, hit a drop, hit a jump... oof.  Not so good.

I can feel things.  Some bad things, some just kinda not so good.  I keep wondering how my back issues are doing...

because I've been taking twelve ibuprofen everyday for more than two weeks.  I can't tell if the pain on my left side has anything to do with my previous back issues or if it's injury related.  I'm still doing all manner of things to address the issues regardless of whether they're still there or not.  Maybe March will be my good month.

At least I'm back on the tarck bike at work.  I can get on and off without an issue.  No more dragging knobbies all over town.  Gears were making me lazy.  FaceFriends posting all sorts of adventures and mega-mile days making me feel like I'm more behind then I probably am.  Short track, gravel slogs, mountain trips, SSAZ, fat-biking, Snake Creek Gap Time Trials...  it's as if I've mentally compiled all my FaceFriends into one Superfriend, and that person is the most interesting human in the world and living a life thousands of times better than me.  I need to get better soon and have an adventure.

TRBL post, I know.  Gotta get the Watts Fappening '15 Brewery Crawl Bike Ride-a-Thon for Alcohol Awareness out of the way, and then I swear I'm gonna buckle down... assuming my body is ready to buckle down as opposed to just buckling under.

I tried pull ups last night.  Three in and something felt like it snapped and then my lower right rib cage felt like it was covered in plastic wrap.  I'm sure that's just part of the healing process.


josh neeley said...

Track sis atcually spalled track.

See.. Misspelled words really don't make blog reading more interesting, but I do understand the compulsion to misspell words just to spite your computer.

Nobody likes being told what to do.

josh neeley said...

See..despite my halfhearted efforts, I can't even misspell track.

Steve Jobs:dead

I'm OK with 2nd place

Anonymous said...

Dicky, try switching to Aleve/Naproxen...2 every 12hrs. Easier on the stomach and kidneys. Good luck. Mk