Monday, February 9

Virtual Brew Tour to Make Great Familiarity

Since trail riding was a no-go for me Saturday, I decided to ride the Watts Fappening '15 Brewery Crawl Bike Ride-a-Thon for Alcohol Awareness route in order to be sure I knew what I was doing.  I grabbed my Vertigo... mostly just because I miss it.

So, yeah.  Out the door from my house to stop one, in order to find out how long it would take to get there... because when we had a "thing" in Greensboro last time, we were out riding till it was past dark, and ended up being way late for our own "thing."

Sugar Creek Brewing Company.  Never been there.  About 45 minutes from my house.  Pugilistically themed apparently. 

Serving beers in funny glasses.

Pretty sure I'm going with the Pale Ale.  Middle of the road ABV% and a glass that won't make me feel too pretentious whilst drinking.

Next stop, Triple C Brewing Co... almost six minutes away.

I've been here.  Favorite beer?  Baby Maker.  Not gonna do it though.  8.5% at the second stop is no bueno.  Gonna have to hit for an infield single in order to make great bike ride to...

Sycamore Brewing... which is probably a five minute ride from the last beer.

They have too many options that are in my flavor pallet.  Gotta pick just one... I'm thinking about setting up brackets for a coin flip-off to determine a winner.

Then it's a much longer haul to The Unknown Brewing Co.   Maybe eight minutes.

I love their Over the Edge, but once again... I gotta think long game strategy here.   Perhaps No Shame is an aptly named choice.

Four stops in, and we're in for the big haul across town.  Our first danger spot is here, about four blocks from Unknown.

I figure that we'll lose 5-10% of our riders on this tech maneuver.   Acceptable losses.

I have routed us in a manner that has us passing all three of our major Charlotte sportsball play areas.  Come see our local tax dollars at work supporting the 1%!

Once through town, it's a nice (very unlit) bike path almost all the way to our next stop(s).  NoDa Brewing Company... which sits right next to Birdsong Brewing Company.

This is where we might lose some people.   To make it even more interesting, there will be a food truck out back for those that need some calories that are "less-empty."   It's a problem.... I'm told.  This will also be a rough stop, as I've spent a few evenings in both "sampling product," and I could easily just call it a night there.

But I can't.  We must move on.  Goals and such.

Heist Brewery.  One step closer to the brass ring.

I've only been here once... sorta on a Plaza Midwood Tuesday Night Ride.  We thought the ride was gonna stop there, so we shortcutted over to get in line for beer first.  They never stopped.  Just rode by.  We decided to stay.  Who won that one?

And then assuming anyone thinks it's a great idea, we'll head over to Growlers Pourhouse.

Sorry.  I ran out of time on my pre-ride and couldn't make the extra 1.something miles over there.  I selected this image so that no matter what it looks like, it will be a pleasant surprise.  BTW: They have FOURTEEN beers on tap and two beer engines?!?

"A beer engine is a hand pump for pumping beer from a Cask. At Growlers Pourhouse, we use an antique 1936 Gaskell & Chambers beer engine to bring back this centuries-old pub tradition."

Marketing be damned, I'm drinking out of an engine.  It's leatherless, so vegan friendly and all.

That concludes our virtual pre-tour of our actual Watts Fappening '15 Brewery Crawl Bike Ride-a-Thon for Alcohol Awareness tour this Saturday.  Come all... or don't.  Doesn't matter.


Anonymous said...

I have always hated the rail crossing by the panthers stadium.....road, mountain or a B-cycle. It always bothers me....especially when the sand and dirt gets washed away. D.

Zac Avant said...

Sans OMB?

dicky said...

Si. Sans.

I already have Old Man Ballsweat.

Anonymous said...

I think growlers is closed for renovation (at least it was the other week). You should check that out or something.