Thursday, February 19

Share the Wisdom Wednesdays (on Thursdays): Part Sixteen

When opportunity knocks, don't just open the door and welcome it to come in...

Grab your shit, throw it in the car and head to the 12 Hours of Santos with opportunity in the glove box because there isn't any room elsewhere.

Hitting the road, teaming up with Scott Smith (3rd SS overall at the 2014 Trans-Sylvania Epic)... seen here on the right:

Yeah, that's not the overall podium, but I like that I'm on top yelling at Jeremiah Bisquick.  He just wasn't paying proper attention to my big moment on the box.

"Up here, Munga Buddy!"

Anyways, we probably don't have a chance in hell in the Male Duo category.  I don't even know how my back will feel about the whole "six hours on a bike" thing.  Let's not even talk about the ribs because as long as I don't wreck or make sudden quick movements, I should be okay.  Pretty sure none of my movements right now could be called "sudden" or "quick."


Seventy degree temps sound way better than single digits and riding my bike in pain sounds better than watching Netflix in discomfort all weekend.  

So let's go do this thing, opportunity.  M'kay?