Tuesday, February 17

Best Intentions

I don't know where to start.  More like "when" more than "where."

Start getting fit, start doing something close to exercise.  Start losing weight.  Start starting something.  Constantly looking at the calendar, saying to myself, "right after such and such," or "right before such and such."

Looking for a kick start or impetus.  Glad that I get on the bike at least five times a week in the name of occupational associated movement.

Watts Fappening '15 was one of those episodes that dissuades consumption for awhile.  That's good news.  An "impetus," if you will.  I get one day into this new order of things, and my world is covered in this:

Charlotte "winter."

So, work delayed till 11:00AM, update at 10:00AM... more than likely not gonna happen.  No reason to leave the house.  Even if I wanted to ride for "fun," the word "fun" would have to be used incredibly loosely.  Slippery conditions and a sideful of ribs that don't really wanna lay down on anything other than a soft bed.

And a fridge full of Sierra Nevada Torpedo looking back at me when I yank the door open.

No trail ride last weekend.  A shitty and quite painful eleven miles last weekend.  Nothing worth mentioning the week before, and then before that was the Icycle that killed me in less than eight miles.

The Pie and Nia are going to Florida, dogs are leaving the house as well... Wednesday through Sunday.  My chance to finally get some miles in?

My original plan was to head to the mountains... probably not gonna happen.

The temptation to have her drop me, my bike, and a bunch of camping gear at Ocala on the way to her happy place?


I don't like Florida all that much, but I just want to ride my bike AND HAVE FUN AT THE SAME TIME.  Santos would be baller, but I'm gonna be there for a week in April. 

Shit.  Just remembered that the 12 Hours of Santos is this weekend.  I don't want to race... I wanna ride.

I'll look forward to that small window on Saturday... and Netflix... and March... I guess.

Since today is The Pie's birthday, my only goal for the rest of the day will be to not get on her nerves while she continues to work from home.  It's the best gift I can give her right now.

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