Monday, February 16

The Watts Fappening '15

As of Friday night, some of the plans were already jumbled.  Complications.  Illnesses.  Injuries.  Regroup over the phone in the morning.

Saturday, I call Watts after he doesn't call me.  He's still in Greensboro.  He's still not ready. Should we go mountain biking?  Yes.

He needs time to get ready.  Will call when he's on the way.

By the time he's wheels up and flying, we decide that if we actually go on a trail ride before the Fappening, we'll be late to our own thing.  Trail  ride canceled.  He turns around and takes his dirt cycling gear back home.   Some time later, he organizes his shit show in front of my house, and we head out to meet up with others who were smart enough to make meal plans.  I'm in an unnecessary hurry.  Watts is not.

Get to the Azteca at 2:00, order a beer, food comes at 2:15, meal is done at 2:30... have another beer to kill time.

These beers were not in the plan, so they don't count.  Leave Azteca at 2:50 ...

and roll into Sugar Creek Brewing Company... where I order something decent.  Pale Ale (5.2%) because I don't want to drink something with "wit" in it.

People show up.  Locals, Skip and Moe from Roanoke roll in with a lost Dip 'n Spray.  Our group is now formidable.  Zac says we should snag the Olde Mecklenburg Brewery since it's just a block away.  Plan A goes out the window.  Stop two, beer four at OMB.

Captain Jack (4.8%) ordered because I didn't know that they still had Mecktober Fest on tap.  Fail.

Back on the bikes and over to Triple C Brewing Co.  Wanted to play it safe with a Light Rail Pale Ale (4.5%), went with the Greenway IPA (6.5%) because it's simply better tasting.

I felt as if things were slowing down, but that was just me.  Not a race, not a race...

Finally, up rolling and over to Sycamore Brewing.  If I had to guess (I do), I got a Southerly Oat Pale Ale (5.6%) even though I don't think I want oat flavored beer.  It was good anyways.

I went in to use the bathroom and found Danny... THE DANNY from the brewery crawl article I mentioned last week.  I told him he stole my brilliant idea, I mighta made fun of him, and I would like to do it some more.  He acquiesced my request for a photo with the Fapper.

And that was that.  Over to The Unknown Brewing Co.  I like Over the Edge IPA (6.9%), so no compromises. 

This place is nifty.  You could put a hockey rink inside

Veiling comparisons.

Back on the bikes for the haul through uptown.   Pretty buildings lit up, people about.  Stop at the giant rolling marble for Watts Play Time.

More city, greenway, and then NoDa Brewing Company.   Sticking with the new plan of drinking what I want which replaced the old plan of drinking somewhere in the safe zone, I get a Hop Drop and Roll (7.2%).

Things are falling apart.  As expected.  Some of us move over across the driveway to Birdsong Brewing Company.  Personal possessions are misplaced.  Higher Ground IPA (7.0%) because it's my fave. 

At some point, a democratic process occurred.  Since we went off plan with the second stop already, it was decided to skip Heist Brewery.  Something about Valentine's Day, date night, crowds... and while we're at it, skip Growler's Pourhouse as well.  Head straight over to Sanctuary...

LATE EDIT: I was just told that we went to Dolce Vita before the Sanctuary.  I'll bet it was nice there.

which is anything but.  I've been there before, I just never remember leaving very well.

Some time after midnight, I become very aware that it's after midnight.  Beering since 2:15.  Time to go home.  I collect Watts, ignore Bill Nye's pleas to go bravely into more good nighting, and head home.  Find The Wonderboy in my driveway when we get there.  Watts mighta went down in someone's yard on the way.

Sunday morning was as bad as I expected.  Worse so for Watts, but that's his story.

I'm sure we all have stories now.

I'm also sure it seems like I'm glossing over this whole thing. I am.

Sunday morning, Watts and I joked about how we called this the Watts Fappening '15... as if there would ever be a '16.

There won't.

I'm glad we did it once so we can say we did it... and never have to do it again.

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I'm in for next year!