Friday, February 13

Watts Fap prelude and Tour duh Charlotte news

The Watts Fappening '15 Brewery Crawl Bike Ride-a-Thon for Alcohol Awareness is coming tomorrow. 

Not much to say about that.  Beers will be drunken, bikes will be ridden, things will (or won't) happen and fappen.

While I'm busy promoting non-events, my "competition" is busy getting strong and enjoying the luxury of training camps and Turkish baths.

Rusinko, Quadsworth... I dunno.  A Man Stew of epic proportions training to crush the endurance SS field in 2015.  I only see three of six hands above the water, so... sorry, my fish need fried right now.

Back on topic.

This guy Danny did nine Charlotte breweries on foot (and with an Uber assist) a couple weeks ago.

Go on and say nine beers in nine hours is not a big deal.  Then think about this:

That's nine (mostly)16oz beers...assume a short pour, and you're looking at mebbe 15oz.  That's about 11 cans/bottles of beer's worth of liquid yummy.  And at what ABV?

Sugar Creek Pale Ale 5.2%
OMB Captain Jack  4.8%
Triple C Light Rail Pale Ale 4.5%
Lenny Boy Mirage 8.8% (12oz pour?)
Sycamore Brewing Amber 4.3%
Unknown Silverback Stout 6.2%
NoDa Jam Session  5.1%
Birdsong Jalapeńo Pale Ale 5.5%
Heist Cataclysm II 12.6% (12oz pour)

Pabst Blue Ribbon sits at 4.7%, so only two beers on the list hit lower, the rest... higher.  So I give this guy some credit for drinking his way through more than a twelve pack of normal AMERICA beer (or more) and still taking pictures and having memories... and for apparently drinking a lot of water as well.  I'm not saying he's crushing beers at the Andre the Giant level.

But he did a pretty good job.  Kudos, Danny.

I'm gonna do my best to quash my competitive spirit and try not to better his efforts, lest it change my plans for the worseter.  I selected where I want to go, and Watts doesn't know any better than what I tell him.


It's a thing, because...


Important news being that the Tour duh Charlotte is coming once again, like death and arthritis.

All the Rock Shox Quadra/150mm stem cross-up action you could ask for.  I so wish that Kürdt woulda reversed the image for perfect "stock photo used poorly" joy, but that might be asking too much.

Registration is open.  The price is stupid cheap.  The day will be long and hard.

The course will be all new and full of much surprise.  The beer will flow like rivers.  The food will be better than just edible and borderline delish.  Prizes will rain down on the victors like... rain, I guess.  The after party will have the potential to ruin people.

This race never disappoints.  All right, there was that one angry guy who had no idea what he was getting himself into last year, but that was his problem.   EVERYONE ELSE HAD THE MOST BESTEST TIME EVER.

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