Friday, March 13

Jesus built your ranch house

"Training" began in earnest yesterday.  In the loosest of sense.

Doubled my junk miles on the way to work, and by stopping at Bike Source for new tarck bike tires and the grocery store for beer, I pretty much doubled my homeward bound junk miles as well.

Allow me for a second to go on a Steve Tilford tangent.

The economy must be doing pretty well.  I pass through some really nice Charlotte neighborhoods on my extended route.  It's been quite a few years since I've seen so many old houses being torn down to make room for more McMansions.  That and expansions up and out on existing homes.  Good for them.  Jesus loves your big house and hopes you have a spare bedroom for him in case he comes to visit.

Sorry.  Steve woulda never dragged Jesus into the discussion.

Anyways... "training."

Not exactly as planned, but here it is.  I meant to up the gearing on the tarck bike by one tooth, but due to my extreme laziness, I decided to wait until my tires were here so I'd only have to take the rear wheel off once.  I'd also planned on resuming upper body work some time ago...

I know.

Yeah, I do "upper body work."  Something tantamount to Dancersice... which I think is called P90X now.  I've attempted to get it going again a few times, but then my back protests, and then I rethink my thoughts.

Other than bike riding, all "training" is off the table until I'm 100%, although I'll probably start up when I'm 90% because that's the best one can hope for at 46 years old.

At least I can ride.  There are two things right now that feel good, and being on my bike is one of them.  The other is taking a shower, but unfortunately, I can't stay in there all day.  Every time someone says "maybe your back would get better if you would take a break from riding" doesn't get that it's the one active thing I can do relatively pain free (and that I have to do it to earn a living).

"Relatively," because punchy efforts don't work out so well.  But sustained steady efforts?  Bueno.  Even better than sitting here typing... which is also a problem.

Blah, blah, blah.

When did I stop writing a bike blog and start a back pain journal?


I'm gonna ride a bike this weekend whenever and wherever the rain lets me... because


jkeiffer said...

I love Monty Python burritos. Mmmmm

@46 90% is the new 120%

Anonymous said...

hahaha... yah still make me laugh my head off after all these years..

"make room for more McMansions. That and expansions up and out on existing homes. Good for them. Jesus loves your big house and hopes you have a spare bedroom for him in case he comes to visit."

is that a burrito in your pants or a shwama in the sky?

jac (jeff - bcbikerace, hundies, transrockies etc...)

luv yur blog!

Anonymous said...

sht forgot to mention - my L5 and S1 (back problems) has created great grief as well...
years and years of riding hard tail and a harsh breakup from my ex-btch... damn, she blew my head off... which caused all the back pain.

I gotta get back on my ride.
My ride brings me joy
my ride brings me freedom
my ride brings me forgiveness
my ride brings me fitness
my ride brings me defeats
my ride brings me gains
my ride brings me smiles
and most of all, my ride is my church.

I'm glad I ride.
never never never give up riding for no one.


Anonymous said...

this chick is rad...

Anonymous said...

That burrito has mold on it.

Anonymous said...

isbn # 13 978-1-57224-375-0


Anonymous said...

Lots of Jesus references lately...wadzupwithdat?

Jonesy said...

I know you will roll your eyes on this but the Tom Danielson's Core Advantsge book for $15 is worth the fix on the back. It is workouts that you can do from home. And gives great details to how all the muscles work.