Monday, March 16

Where we're going, who needs plans?

Going to the mountains on Saturday.  Bill Nye at the wheel.  He tells me that he hated Waterworld because it wasn't realistic.

"I couldn't keep a jet ski running for just one summer."

Get to the mountains.  We had a plan, but when you meet up with Eric "PMBAR Honcho" Wever, sometimes plans change.

Colin, April, Bill Nye, Eric and Shrimper.  Up 1206 on bikes not cars, because...

Road closed to cars due to winter and whatnot.

Up Laurel.

Up most of all the Laurel.

Notice that travel indicator on the right fjork leg.  Added a Token because I was blowing through the travel, add the same amount of air I ran in it before (I think)... turn a 150mm fjork into a 110mm fjork. 

Also notice Bill Nye peeing in the background.

Up even the bad Laurel... top of the Thousand Dollar Climb.

photo cred: Eric Wever
Push and push and get to the Lord of the Rings Trail... and push some more.

photo cred: Eric Wever
To the toppiest point.

This happens:

photo cred: Eric Wever
Then over to Big Creek (AKA The Death Descent circa 2001) and rally down BTQ style.

Banged a rotor hard enough on a rock to put a ding in it.  Sweet pulsing sensations the rest of the day.

photo cred: Eric Wever

Haven't been down Big Creek in probably a decade.  So much effort for such an excellent reward.  You almost forget all the hours it took to get to the top.

Not really.

On the way home, talk about how people out west probably would never understand a twenty mile ride that took five hours.  Whatever.


ChrisInMarin said...

20 miles in 5 hrs moving time?
Yea definitely don't get it.
Still nothing wrong with a 5 hr ride, looks like fun trails.

Anonymous said...

love it!
love the view!

way way up north (ottawa) - we're ice biking right now... up on the trails last night for 3hrs... fast fast radical downhill on ice.
Tres fun la!