Monday, April 13

Back to Life, Back to Weeeeeeeeeeeeee-ality

What can I say?  Nine days away from reality.  Time to try to fall back into the folds of normal life.

Vacation.  Stay on a horse farm in Ocala.  Apparently, it's like the horse capital of the world.

A bed and breakfast... without breakfast... so really, just a bed.  And a pool.

Much relaxing.  Honestly, I haven't slept like that in years.  Almost got rid of the bags under my eyes that I'm used to seeing in the mirror. 

Also squoze in three rides at Santos.  Two short solo missions and one epic'esque with Joe "Florida Man" Freeman

We explored more of the entire trail system than I'd seen in my two previous rides.  I know it's "just Florida," but the trail system there kinda blows the mind.  Mile after mile of bike-only trails along with separate horse and hiking trails spanning a distance that's hard to comprehend on the East Coast.

So many things to see and do.

And then a stop at Greenway Bicycles for a beer (or two).

Where I saw many "Florida men."  A guy who used to be a trailer salesman who owned a Schwinn Homegrown (serial number 867-5309).  He was headed out to ride Santos on a vintage BMX bike with perhaps the shop owner and another fellow.  Many beers preceded their leaving the shop in a manner that was not entirely quiet but completely entertaining.

The week was a jumble of stories that ended in a long drive home, hopping on my bike as soon as I got in the door to head uptown and watch the crit, too many beers on an empty stomach, and a Sunday local mountain bike ride to ease my way back into the reality of the grind.


Anonymous said...

winter riding up north (ottawa, canada)

Andrea said...

The shop owner said he word "vagina" to my 70-year-old mom. She probably hasn't heard that word since she was in high school science class.