Tuesday, April 14

Mind Dat Gap

And such a strange reality to come back to.

I learned of AJ Linnell's passing while on the drive home Saturday.

I never had a chance to race "against" him... I mean behind him.  I don't know why I feel affected then, but perhaps the loss of someone so highly regarded in our endurance tribe and knowing how his absence affects them?   Dunno.  Sad.

And I also found out that "This Week in Bike" with Cosmo Catalano is over.

I'd all but given up on 95% of mainstream cycle bike racing news coverage.  I don't know why, but I just couldn't care anymore.  Cosmo told me what I needed to know, and in such a rapid fire manner that I found myself pausing the show just to grasp one layer of his verbal and visual onslaught at a time.  I'm really hoping "How the Race was Won" will continue to go on*, as I just don't have the time to watch road racing coverage anymore in its entirety.  Dreadfully full of inane banter that makes every race sound the same. 

So back to watching the highlight reels on

It's just road riding, anyways.   As long as Red Bull keeps dumping money into live, high-quality feeds of World Cup mountain biking... who cares about anything else?  I mean, those wrecks on the Lourdes course

And nothing, I mean nothing makes me feel more like a shitty mountain biker with zero skills than watching World Cup descenders hanging it all out

And nothing has me wanting to purchase a downhill bike more (but I won't, I swear).

Because, deep down... me:

*Oh goodie.  How Paris Roubaix was Won (by this guy) has gone live:


Anonymous said...

Losing TWIB seriously stinks. I always had to watch it 2-3 times to pick up everything Cosmo puts down. Probably my favorite internet cycling blog. At least better than Prolly. Oh, and this one's pretty good too....

The Hoo said...

thanks for mentioning AJ, he was an amazing dude