Thursday, April 16

I need a coach (or a parental figure)

Life hasn't been just trying to break Facebook with bad grammar mummy memes.

I've been busy getting ready for the "season" too.

I realize that I haven't mentioned my back in weeks.  So sorry about that.  It's better.  I can't put a percentage on it, but much more percent better.  Chalk it up to nine days of living a life that isn't what I'm normally used to.  Over those nine days, I managed to squeak in five mountain bike rides, so according to my calculations, riding a mountain bike is good for me.

My lower back is barely even noticeable... I mean, I realize it's there holding up the rest of my body.  I just go through most of the day without noticing much in the way of pain or stiffness. 

My upper back is still a little hinky.  I no longer have the feeling that someone is placing a hot iron to my shoulder, but I still feel a "something," and there's still this annoying clunk when I shrug a certain way.  My plan is to start shrugging in an uncertain manner from now on.

My weight is almost back to where it was before I went on vacation, so that's pretty solid news.  Instead of going way overboard, I just held onto the edge of the boat and dragged my feet in the water.  Better than I expected, given my proximity to all things fried, leftover out-to-eat food, and the refrigerator.

Being that everything is moving along so swimmingly, I decided to enter the Pisgah Enduro™.

Hard ass class once again, because it just seems like a brilliant idea.  The event was too much fun and way too family camping friendly to consider skipping it, even if my schedule for the early "season' is now identical to the one that almost killed me last year. 

Three big races in early May (two back-to-back on one weekend), a week long stage race and then the Pisgah Enduro™.  Only one weekend off.

So it was with much interest that I listened to the LW Coaching Show on Mountain Bike Radio the other day, Racing and Training for the 40+ Crowd.

Since I only have one weekend off in all that mess, I am going to be recovering at full intensity, if there is such a thing.  Much squeezy leg bagging, an effort to get a lot of sleep, less beer (between races), and maybe less frequent bonus miles before and after work. 

This is where a coach would be handy, if only just to live in my house, smack beer out of my hands, and put me to bed on time.


Anonymous said...

Man....I had the same issue with my upper back. Felt like a hot poker and my breathing was hindered by the apparent "blockage". I started using an inversion table and pulling when inverted to get traction. Every time I did it I felt a slight pop in the area that was an issue. Low and behold I was cured! I did pull too hard one time and injured my sacrum so if you choose to try this don't pull too hard. I do it every day before and after a ride and it's made a huge difference

Anonymous said...

I once injured my nut sacrum but I was on a kitchen table. Oh, and I was pushing as opposed to pulling. Same but different I think???

Lynda Wallenfels said...

Sleep - squeezy leg bagging = you got this!

Anonymous said...

stress, when I could barely walk due to L5 S1 issues, it was all related to stress... ex issues... finding new house, new living arrangements etc...

life does that sometimes. Especially as we get older, it hits harder.

first time in my life I felt back pain. Most back pain can be attributed to stress etc...


Anonymous said...

Call me of you need guidance or help justifying beer consumption.


Anonymous said...

I almost pissed my pants when I read your mummy facebook post, good stuff.