Friday, April 17

It ain't funny anymore

No, not the mummy thing...

The rain.  Mummies will always be funny.

Four days in a row.  I get up early.  Look at the radar.  See my window of opportunity.  Head out the door.

And the rain that shouldn't be there is.  A decent test of my resolve to find some fitness before the end of April.   Wet rasisin feet for ten hours and a shitty outlook on things in general.  Thank goodness for mummies bringing sunshine into my dismal world.

Things could be worse.  I could be doing the stage race in Pisgah and burning through brake pads and bearings like my sportsball team just won something, and I'm celebrating our victory and my white privilege by burning things.

But I'm not.  I'm here, looking at the weekend, and it will be more suxor.  Parenting duties until Saturday afternoon (which does not suck, just happens to coincide with the only break in the rain), trails closed, more rain coming... which means my best prospect to ride outside will be more tarck bike in the rain which is what I've been doing all week and uuuuuuuunnnnnnngghhhhhhh.

I guess there's always other options.

But I'll try riding first.  Then making more mummy memes... then, if that fails, make the pain go away as best I know how.


Anonymous said...

Can you please buy another frame so we don't have to listen to this drivel? I hear fat is the "new" thing.

Anonymous said...

"Pain is alchohol.." mem reminds me of l

Anonymous said...

That first mummy is sitting next to road and no one has messed with it?.. Other than placing a wig on it.

Why can't we have mummys here instead of burying everything? Mummy's are way cooler than headstones.

You need use Photoshop make him hasslehoff mummy with red short and floaty thing. He already have sick hairdo.

Anonymous said...

don;t worry be happy... could be snow!

Anonymous said...

get yourself a hammock!

Mike said...

I'm pretty sure your next blog post should just be picture of mummified dick next to a mummified middle finger. You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

It is O.K. to drink beer now.

Go forth with conviction.