Tuesday, May 19

ICU... and u is blurry

So, eye doctor appointment at 8:50AM today, and then we go from there.

photoshop cred: Paw Paw
I've worn glasses for a large part of my life.  I don't remember when I started wearing them, but I recall a class picture of me in a powder blue tux with ruffles that I had leftover from my uncle's wedding.  I had some fugly BC (birth control) horn-rimmed glasses on... those were the days.

I lived with glasses all throughout my school years.  I do recall breaking my glasses my senior year, and my family couldn't afford to get me new ones.  I just started wearing some aviators with pink lenses to school and sitting close to the board so I could see (relatively speaking) what was going on.  I was still able to drive, because I usually knew where I was going, what the speed limit was (regardless of my inability to obey it), and the cars coming at me were the large blurry objects I should avoid.  I lived through that year somehow.

Glasses all through college.  I got those ugly multi-lens Bolle glasses in the early '90s for riding, prescription Oakleys in the late '90s, contacts in the early '00s and then finally Lasiks in '06.

The riding in normal glasses years... best guess?  1992.  If you are young, be glad you didn't have to suffer through this soft-shell helmet and toe clip era.  Notice the sleeveless T tho, natch... and yeth, I was a much bigger boy in those just post college days. MUCH.

The Bolle years.  Life's not getting much better.  If you are young, be glad you didn't have to suffer through the 150mm stem and elastomer fork era.

The prescription Oakley days.  If you are young, know that you should never take your wife's leftover hair dye and dump it on your head.

I've been ignoring my vision issues for... dunno.  Nine months?  A year?  Some days are worse than others, but no days are as good as they were a couple years ago.  It's been a gradual enough of a decline, but I have noticed it quite a bit when mountain biking and looking for street signs.

"Does that say... damn it."

*looks for spot to turn around*

I'm kinda happy that I finally made the decision, although sad that I waited until my bad experience at the Pisgah 55.5K to do something about it.  Had I seen a doctor a long time ago, I'd have spent the last how many ever months much happier and just that much poorer than I'm gonna be anyways.  I've had a few wrecks in the past six months that left me on the ground looking back up the trail thinking, "What did I just hit?"

More often than not, I couldn't figure it out.

So here's to sticking my finger in my eyes everyday, worrying about where my glasses are (Dave Pryor probably took them), and all the extra maintenance/hygiene time I'll be spending in the bathroom.

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Anonymous said...

I busted my girlfriend's glasses (I have 3, one being russian... anyone want a russian girl? she costs a fortune - going to strip clubs... )

I went camping with my big ass girl this past weekend and busted her glasses accidentally. She left them on her bag. They got bent. She drove home, not sure how we made it for the day before she was complaining how she wasn't able to see 20 feet in front of her. Guess that's why we drove 40km/h all the way home (180km).

Funny weekend, we went camping... I went biking. Left around noon didn't get back to the camp site (an island) until 8pm. Went for a 140km bike ride on dirt and road. She called the cops cause she thought I got hit.
oh man, these partners that just don't understand us cyclists....

Time to trade her in I guess... can't have her crying and calling the cops every time I go for a 6-8 hour ride.