Thursday, May 21

It was nice seeing you

So when your optometrist tells you that you are an "interesting study," you know there's not gonna be an easy solution to your problem.

Since getting Lasiks in 2006, I have now gone far sighted in one eye, near sighted in the other... oh, and I have an astigmatism.  So cool.  My eyes have been trying to compensate for each other on both ends, and because of that, focus isn't happening as quickly as it should.  At least I don't have glaucoma, cataracts, Barcelona, or beer-related diabeetus.

The good news is that I'm reading fine print in a fine manner.  I can't read PMBAR passport font size while riding down an old gravel road at 18mph, but I can read the finest print he's got to show me.

Initially, I want contacts.  We find one for the right eye.  The left eye... took three tries to find one that would work with my astigmatism (an "expensive" lens).  The goal of all of this is to get me back to seeing things in the woods.  He does a great job sorting that issue out, but with the contacts in, anything like words and stuff within an arms reach is blurry.  That means I really can't wear them day to day and do my job.

THIS IS AWESOME NEWS (not really).

I don't wanna throw money in the toilet with contacts that I only wear for a ride or two.   Worthless.

That and he said I can get away with doing my job the way I've been doing it.  I wore the contacts yesterday, and yes... not so good at work 100% of the time.  It was neat seeing people in the lobby downstairs and noticing eyes making contact with mine instead of the kids from Pink Floyd's The Wall staring back at me.

My final solution?  I ordered glasses to make some aspects of life better.  Driving, TV, movies, reading menus mounted on walls behind the employees (nice places), going for walks, looking at birds, and general seeing of things.  I'm also ordering some prescription lenses for my Oakleys for riding/racing.  I've had them before (Rx Oakleys), and they were awesome.  I almost always ride with eye protection, so no big deal here (aside from cost).  The downside to all of this is that I waited too long to do something.  I'll be wearing the sample contacts to get through next week's Trans-Sylvania Epic, which is not ideal, but better than nothing.  I felt like an eagle yesterday.  So neat to see far away again.

Before anybody offers up alternatives like Lasik touch-up, readers, bifocals... those options are off the table for all my own reasons.

Can't wait to get back from PA and have many glasses and options and the seeings of the things.

Me, totally not seeing shit at the bottom of Turkey Pen.  Honestly looking for how the hell to exit a trail I've ridden a dozen or more times.  That sucked, but at least it got me into the doctor's office, so mebbe not so bad.

Hopefully a box shows up today and the other unresolved problem out of my control before leaving for TSE will go away.

I leave tomorrow, so blame the timeliness of this occurrence once again on my lack of action in a reasonable amount of time.


Anonymous said...

You should stop by on your way.


dicky said...

It not on way.

Anonymous said...

I've got similar eye issues. Shitty and astig in left, shitty shitty right. Tried "special" contact for the left astigmatism, it sucked, so resorted to sorta ok sight left and good right. I buy small batch contacts and wear to ride/race, it works, o/w its spectacles. I feel ya, but at 40 I don't need cheater glasses yet......

Anonymous said...

here ya go...


Anonymous said...

take 2


Doris Gibbs said...

I have my own eye issues so I understand where you are coming from. I am so nearsighted taht they will not even consider Lasik for me. I wear contact lenses that have to be special ordered and still are not strong enough. So, I still wear glasses. It is a real issue when you can't see properly so I feel your pain.

Doris Gibbs @ Moody Eyes