Tuesday, June 16

Balls, as hot as

It's gonna be hot.  Shitty.  Death all around.  For some time.

Posts are going to be random.  Short.  Unless there's something to talk about.  Not as random as that obscure culture referencing blogger mashup combo Iggy Pop/Patton Oswalt/Dennis Miller known as Watts.  I'm gonna need to ride in the morning before it gets really warm... and sleep more.  Recovery and such from the whole "coming home feeling like an empty shell after riding in a convection oven" thing.

So, I'm not going to go into great detail about how I wasted my Sunday doing yard work, sweating balls entirely off, chasing down a creak on my bike that ended up being toasted bearings in my bottom bracket that were not as easy to replace as I thought they would be because I made an assumption based on my knowledge of Enduro™ 24mm spindle bottom brackets and thought that information would translate into a smooth swap of my external 30mm bearings but turned into a mallet, screwdriver and my freezer... and a piece of my soul.

Time to buy another single use tool that costs a ton of money and hope I have enough friends that need to borrow it that it pays for itself in free beer over the course of the next five years.

I apologize in advance for the future lack of interest in waking up early with the sole purpose of adding content to the internet. 

There is good news.  My chigger bites in all areas (varying from innocuous to entirely too sensitive) from the Pisgah Enduro™ are almost all healed up.  My penis should be looking quite handsome again for my birthday tomorrow.


Eric Wever said...

I told you they were chiggers.

Anonymous said...

I have that tool, wanna borrow it so I can pay for it?


Burt Friggin' Hoovis said...

This is pretty good shit. Solid B work going on here.

Too bad no one reads blogs anymore.


Anonymous said...

Chigger Bites-------> BioFreeze-----Relief....Ahhhh. Seriously, it works.

Anonymous said...

Hoovis has the best abandoned bolg.

Dave Rattigan said...

Happy Birthday!