Thursday, June 4

Fierce Invalids Home from Not-So-Hot Climates

I got home from the Trans-Sylvania Epic around 3:30PM on Sunday.  We woulda been home earlier, but Bill Nye stopped to save a turtle, who in turned thanked him by unloading his capacious bladder all over his hands.

Seriously, like a gallon of hot turtle urine.

Unpacked Bill Nye's car, said our goodbyes, greeted the family, and went to work dealing with the mess.  I stopped shuffling about the house to take a shower because The Pie said I stunk, despite my 6:30AM shower.  I got bathed with enough spare time to pick up my new prescription glasses before the store closed.

I can see far away now... just in time for... unnnh... nothing?

Come back home, unpack more things, do laundry, wash bike, try to do one chin up, fail, decide it's time to figure out if I can ride a bike (and which bike) to work... push my tarck bike to the top of the driveway, pedal around... I'll be able to do that tomorrow.

Monday achievements:

Ride to work
Ride home
Mow lawn
Shop for my mom
Work on mom's wheelchair

Tuesday achievements:

All the work/commute related stuff
Sneeze multiple times without making wanting to die
Put my 3.0 Chronicle on my Vertigo thinking Enduro™ thoughts I shouldn't be thinking

Which felt about as futile as when I got my bike ready for Stage 4 of the TSE the night after I injured my body part.

Wednesday achievements:

Ride 55 minutes before work
Pick up my prescription Oakley lenses...

Man, oh man, oh man... game changers.  I can see shit.  All the shit.  WHY DIDN'T I DO THIS SIX MONTHS AGO?!?!

Whatever.  Eagle eye vision restored. 

I've been feeling incrementally better ever since I got home.  Although the first 48 hours after my injury were pretty bad (as in, "Am I truly fucked?), I'm getting away with more and more everyday, and I'm encouraged with each baby step.  Wednesday was the first day I put on my shorts like a normal person and could touch my toes without pain.  This is awesome because I was getting tired of dropping things and then having to determine whether or not I would ever need them again in the near future.  

I'm positive I'd be better off not doing the Pisgah Enduro™ this weekend.   I wish that was enough to make the decision for me.  It's also supposed to be the Second Annual Oskar Blues Family Camping Weekend.  The fact that I have no races between now and the Wilderness 101 (July 25th) leaves me unmotivated.  I won't be doing the Iron Mountain 100k or the Tour de Burg* as The Pie and I are shipping off the small adult to a two week summer camp at that time.  Kid-free time is too valuable to waste on making bike race.

So this evening, after I get home and have some time to think positively, I'm gonna get on my mountain bike, ride over to the church nearby, hop, jump, sprint, dismount, mount... try to simulate Heartbreak Ridge in a parking lot.  Then make a decision regarding my attendance this weekend.  Part of me wants to volunteer just so I can be all up in the mess, and part of me knows (and remembers well) what it's like to watch people racing in a race that I should be racing.

Just don't wanna sit around the house feeling sorry for myself either.


 Also BTW:  If you know of something to do within a decent distance from Charlotte next weekend (need to be back Sunday afternoon), lemme know.  No family or dogs from Friday on, so the window is open.

* I did have a dream last night that Sean from Vertigo shipped me a new 29+ frame and somehow in the box there was a complete travel/coupler Di2 road bike, thus forcing my hand into attending the Tour de Burg... pretty sure that was just a dream.

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Anonymous said...

White Oakley's without Mountain Dew in the picture? I am disappoint.