Friday, June 5

Gravity Induced Nudges

Last night, I finished watching Boyhood.  Two hours and forty five minutes following the life of a boy just growing up.  There were many times when I had no idea why I continued to watch it.  I couldn't figure out how they were aging the main character (and the other actors) and keeping the story line so current and relevant, so I googled it.  THEY SHOT THE MOVIE OVER TWELVE YEARS?!?!?

That, in and of itself, amazed me.  That's some kinda commitment. 

I'm about to make my second smart decision in less than two weeks.  I'm not racing this weekend at the Pisgah Enduro™.  To do it would have been a very ego driven decision, although all racing is motivated by some bit of ego anyways.  I guess mine has been taken down a peg or two, or I got smarter... probably the former. 

I feel like I should be able to ride a bike mostly downhill.  I feel pretty good on the ride to work most of the time.  I even felt good about tossing my bike around the other night.

But every now and then, there's a nice little reminder that I'm still not 100%.  That, and now that I'm backing off on the anti-inflammatory meds, I can feel some other pains from the fall.  I knew my left thigh hit something, and I can feel it when I go to bed or sit a certain way.  And then there's my knee... meh.

So as much as I want to race, I want to get back to enjoying my bike 100%.

I want to ride so bad... meh.  I should add that when I went to take that photo just now, I bent over to pitch an errant sandal out of the frame, and a little bolt of lightning hit my back.  Yeah... I'm not "okay."

Racing would probably slow my recovery.  Knowing that another accident could maybe take me back to square one would probably make it difficult to really put in a full effort and ride like I wanted to win anyways.  The doc said probably four weeks+.  Maybe I should respect that a little. 

Knowing all that, I'm going anyways... to volunteer.  It's still the Second Annual Oskar Blues Family Camping Weekend, and I get to pay back Eric "PMBAR Honcho" Wever (a little) for all he has done for me (a lot).  It looks like I'm gonna spend the morning and early afternoon hours with Nick "Dip n Spray" Barlow at the top of Stage Four, timing the Enduro™ folks.  Figuring on some amount of boredom, I'm bringing my TSE machete (yes, the promoters were sympathetic to my plight and gave me a finisher's machete) and a sharpening stone.

Oddly enough, I had no idea where my stone was until a tool fell off my pegboard on Sunday, breaking an already cracked Pisgah Productions pint glass I was using as a pen holder.  There it was, stuffed down in and amongst the pens.  Thanks, tool gods.

This has to be a good sign, no?


wmass stm said...

You running a regular rim on that big ass tire?

dicky said...

It's a NOX Composites Farlow rim.

Paul Costello said...

lol, erect.