Tuesday, June 30

Gross Negligence

I'm confident that I can keep 1.5 bikes running smooth at all times.  My main bike (Vertigo Meatplow V.7) and my tarck bike... well, at least half of it.  I have enough focus to do that.  Any other bike will never get ridden often enough for me to remember that there's something going on that needs attention.

I felt a little... ummmmmmmm, timid on the By:Stickel Meatplow V.6 while I was playing in West Virginia.  The last time I personally rode it off-road?  The stage of the TSE where I wrecked and died.

So it's no wonder that my pads were worn down to the retention springs, both brakes had a sticky piston (the front way worse than the rear), I still needed to replace one more bearing in the rear wheel (pretty sure those bearings are the originals, 1+ year old), the 32X19 gear was still in there, and I also still didn't have the correct pressure in the fork.  Eeeeeeeesh. 

It was time to wipe off the white board ("build a clothesline" is still on there?) and start all over again with a clean but now not so clean slate.

Time spent blogging is time spent not working on bikes and time spent working on bikes is time not spent with The Pie while Nia is at camp, so work to do gotta get done.

Four day work week has me all horned up on getting some riding in and some shit done SOON. 

Tools of the fixing a sticky piston trade.

Maybe shoulda swapped the pads BEFORE the TSE?

Finally gonna get to see how well the TruckerCo metallic sintered pads work vs the organic semi-metallic that are on the Vertigo.

Bottomed out the BRAIN-Dead fork dropping off something last week.  When did I get fat?


Rob said...

what about the "super light alloy" pads?

dicky said...

I think that's what I have on my Vertigo, the super light alloy/organic semi-metallic pads.

I've been very pleased with them so far.

Anonymous said...

I have 16 bikes, only one of which is ride-able. The rest are in pieces...
I love my bikes though, I'd hate to get rid of them. But, one of these days I will have to for I have 3 rooms in my house that are full of bikes and bike junk.

La Ruta ruines bikes dead. Glad I don't race anymore. Now, I just enjoy my rides with a smile. If people pass me I feel humble not humiliated. I feel proud I can still fart out loud and laugh.

Clothline, hmmmm.... I just put my cloths on a chair to dry.
done deal.

keep it simple

Cecille Musgrove said...

I'm happy with my current pad's. Btw Thanks for information.