Thursday, July 2

Premium Level Members of the Shirtless Club for Men (and other stuff)

BC Bike Race began last weekend.  The Tour de Burg started yesterday.  The Tour de France kicks of this Saturday.

I'm not competing in any of them.

Super bummed about the BC Bike Race.  The last time I did it was back in 2013, and I only knew a few people there.  This year, it seems like everybody and their brother is racing.

Obviously, Team Tall is making their presence known... they were the guys who tried to kill me with gin and juice out of a turkey baster at 12 Hours of Santos.   Ten people, twenty... dunno.  So many friends.  Meh.

I'll miss the Tour de Burg, but only in that way that one misses an annual near-death experience.  2016 will be the 20th anniversary, so I have no plans to miss that one.  I'm already concocting some way to have a road machine worthy of the tortuous road/gravel stages that are sure to come.  I'm not buying a road bike, but I gotta do something to make the 175-200 miles survivable.  I'll miss my little friends there too.

The Annual First Night Cutting of the Hair at Le Directeur's House undaerway

The Tour de France?  Not too many of my friends doing that, so I've got that going for me.  Don't think I have a channel that carries it.  I guess I could fire up my ancient laptop, search for a recap... all that will take almost as long as watching it.  Aahh... the highlights (sprints, wrecks, bottle tosses, head butts, stuffed animal punching) will be on the internet, and I'll have already read the spoilers at work anyways.

I'm off tomorrow, so I guess I'll chase some fitness on my own.  I'll never get anything close to the shape I get into when I do a stage race, but I won't end up with cold sores or diarrhea, so that's pretty cool too.  Pisgah on Sunday with Bill Nye, because he says it's a "moral imperative" that we be there.

Three weeks and change until the Wilderness 101, and although it will be my... I dunno, just another hundie, I'm still worried.  I guess "concerned" is a better word.  Sounds like a long time to be in the saddle.  How did I get talked into this...


BTW:  I just backed this on Kickstarter yesterday:

Great idea and nice execution (but corny video).   I've tried those stupid plastic tester clip-ins on my bike in the past, and they suck.  I also don't want commuter friendly, single-sided clipless pedals on any bike... ever.  These just make sense.  The ability to hop on any of my bikes without doing more than clicking these bad Larrys in place and stepping into my flip-flops?  Awesome.  Stage races where my bike is my transportation when I'm not racing?  Molar awesome.  Bummed that they won't be in my hands before making seventy billion trips on my racer bike to the grocery store/bar/beer-a-torium/racer meetings/bag drop-off/burrito runs at the Breck Epic. 

There's always next year, I guess.



dangerGator said...

Problem Solvers has had these for years, granted they only fit spd, but big deal.

dicky said...

Yeah, this product just seems a lot more refined.