Monday, July 6

Funny, I don't feel any fitter today

Three days off and the promise of some fitness.  Go to bed Thursday night with the prospect of a rain-free window.  Wake up and see that someone closed that window by quite a bit.  In the name of all that is elevated heart rates and brain stimulus, I leave the house by bike headed towards trail.

Prepared for poopy weather.

Pedal towards Southwest District Park.  I've never ridden the entire trail, only bits and pieces while we were running the Tour duh Charlotte through it.  Get sidetracked riding the trails behind Myers Park High School... because I was riding past them, and I'm easily distracted.  Eventually get over to the light rail path...

Normally I can see the big buildings from here.  Today?  Just a cloud.  Sads.

Light rail to Clanton, to West Blvd... such sights over there.

Gold teeth?  I'll be back.

Over to the park, one lap.

I can hear rain starting to hit the leaves above.  Instead of pressing on to the next park, I decide to make the most of the tree cover before I leave.  Another lap and then another... and now I'm afraid of boredom, so I leave.

Over towards Renni. Get caught in some decent rain. Meh. No more trail riding. Realize how strange it feels to find myself on the popular-with-the-roadies "Airport Loop" on my stupid single speed mountain bike.

Anyways.  Heavy rains stop as I get closer to my destination.  I might still win.

Get over towards Renni, consider myself smart for jumping into the trail at the old Fruit Loop exit. Discover that the trail is in shambles, then figure out why. Construction. This piece of trail is now gone. Meh. Head the opposite direction hoping to find myself back on the trail. No. More construction.

Back out on the road and go back into the trail the proper way. Shame. Renni lost some good bits (and some distance). The rain holds off on this side of town for most of the ride, and I get in one of those rides that feels like I'm cheating at life.

Saturday, off the bike.  Family time and getting things done. 

Sunday, off to the mountains to with Kürdt and Bill Nye to meet up with Scott Rusinko, someone with whom I've never ridden casually, only with start and finish lines.

Decide to experiment with the (not yet available) Super 8 Strap from Backcountry Research.

I figure if it can hold 12oz of beer going down Black Mountain from Hot Dog Gap on a rigid bike, it can do just about anything.  It worked great, aside from shaking the beer up... just a bit.

Yes, I also put my old Cateye Strada computer on my bike.  Blame some boredom on Saturday.  I put it on because literally three thumbscrews hold 90% of the essential bits in place, so I can remove it with minimal effort and little extra bits left on the bike to mess with the aesthetics.  Scott says I should mention this feature to Cateye as they aren't really marketing it very well.

The only evidence of being a (very) part time (very limited) data geek.

So yeah, the route was selected for lots of climbing and the least amount of hike-a-bike possible yet with as much decent going down the mountain fun we could squeeze in.

About forty miles, but in Pisgah terms "easy miles," aside from all the climbing and such.  No wrecks of any consequence, I'm still feeling out my eyeball issues, much talk about wheels and stuff were had, beers at the Pisgah Tavern followed by the eating of 30% more calories than were burned on the day.

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Anonymous said...

Airport loop on the mtb is the bestest.