Tuesday, June 9

I'm bringing theckthy back

I got shit to do.

I've unburied my bike room from underneath the piles of smelly sleeping pads/bags, tent, clothes... smelly fog.  Time to get back to work (my other work).

Part-time pro wheelie instructor.

My two issues to sort out...

The prescription riding glasses.  Dunno what to do about that.  To get my brain/eyes to adapt to the aberrations, I need to wear them more.  They are a PITA at work though, and my eye doc told me I don't really need to be wearing corrective lenses on the job anyways.  Gotta figure that out somehow.

My injury.  Yesterday was a pretty good day at my occupational hazard... I mean, "job."  I'm almost getting back on (undismounting) the tarck bike like a normal person again.  Thinking maybe this weekend, I might be able to ride a mountain bike... as long as it's not Pisgah gnar.

I was originally bummed about not being able to do the Pisgah Enduro™ and having nothing on the schedule until the Wilderness 101, but now I think I'm grateful.  I've got plenty of time to "rebuild," and I can honestly feel a lack of fatigue and a certain desire to ride a bike.  This would be whatever the opposite of "burn out" is, I guess.  No idea what it's called.  Not used to feeling it in June.

So anyways, I decided that I would use that certificate I won (before I wuz ded) at the Trans-Sylvania Epic for some free ESI grips (grips I would buy anyways) to serve as a reminder that I ain't ded (yet).

I used to run white Racer's Edge grips, got sick of cleaning them, started using black, and I'm hoping that when I look down at this change in grip hue, I'll remember that I can get back to where I was...

all I need to do is recognize change when it happens.

Somewhat appropriate that the next time I try to make great bike race, I'll be in the same neck of the woods (State College'ish) when I laid it over a couple weeks ago today.

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Anonymous said...

I'm on hiatus from racing for a while...
2 divorces, the last one (6 year) was a battle ground.
dad sick (in a wheelchair)
new digs to fix up. two kids to bring up, cycling... fast buggers they are. Kick my ass they do...

I just enjoy riding now. I ride trails with my 700 x 25 cyclocross... tres fun la! love the rush of going down hills with such skinny rides... scares the crap outta yah!

if someone had a staged race for cyclocross (how low can you go ride)... I'd do it.
Love my skinny tires on semi-trail (not really technical)... fast fast it is.

I like my time off for the time being. Later, I'll get back into racing. Right now, I'm enjoying my freedom.

Anonymous said...

why you need subscription glass for stigmata, dicky? freshy pink grips good nuff to hide bloods from hand, yeah?