Thursday, June 11

We can hold hands and sing songs together...

More or less, a public service announcement.  Maybe more... or not.

I've gotten over the fact that I couldn't finish the Trans-Sylvania Epic this year.  Okay, not really.

As soon as I decided to drop out, the first thing I thought was, "I'm coming back next year.  Stronger.  Rigid frok all week long.  No more squishy endurbling.  Everything I got."

But then again, I was going back anyways.  It's on my list of "can't miss" races.  Why?

photo cred: A E Landes
No, this image of Bill Bye, me, a dog and a poop that belongs to none of us has little to do with the reason I keep coming back.  I just like this picture and the poop-related hilarity that ensued that you have no idea about BECAUSE YOU WEREN'T THERE (you really shoulda been there).

Summer camp.  When I was a kid, once I discovered it, I wanted to go back every year.  Eventually, one week was not enough, and I did whatever I could to spend even more of my summer there.  I washed dishes, was a camp counselor, a rec director... you name it.  I did it all.  As long as I had a place to sleep and food to eat, I was hanging out with friends and nothing else in the world mattered.

As an adult, we get this opportunity so rarely.  Kids, jobs, lawn mowing, bills... it's nice to get away, avoid all the bullshit, and just do what we love.  Personally, that would be riding bikes, hanging out, making friends... maybe drinking beer.

For me, no other stage race feels more like going back to summer camp.  Old friends, new friends, laughing, farting, laughing at farting...  you get the picture.  It's one of the best weeks I have all year long.


I wanted to let you know that there's a couple things going on for next year YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT if you've ever thought about doing the race.

Firstly, things will be different next year.  Nothing is in stone, but it looks like the week will be just a bit shorter, maybe some format changes, some new courses.  Seven days is a long time to ride in the rocks of Central PA, and some people start looking pretty beat up after that long.  Racing for seven days also means (usually) nine or more days away from home with all the travel and logistics.  Sometimes as adults, getting away from everything for that long adds more stress than some might feel is worth it, not to mention that it's a long time to go without seeing your family.  A shorter week should be more doable by more people, and I'm a fan of this change.

The race will more than likely end up being cheaper.  Less race to put on = less race to pay for.  That's sorta assuming you don't wait until the last minute to sign up.  In that case, feel free to spend more of your money.

So don't wait, dummy.

Right now and till July 3rd, you can lock in the cheapest rate.  What's that rate?  Dunno.  They haven't decided yet.  This is how it works:

"As you may have heard, we are working on new formats and possibly a new course or two. So it'll be a little while before we can announce the 2016 version (and open registration).

For $250 you get to reserve your spot for next year. Once we can unveil the 2016 version you'll get a special window to complete your registration (and your deposit will be applied to a special rate). You can even pay now to reserve your favorite lodging spot!
If for some reason you don't like the new format, your reservation deposit can be refunded (within 2 weeks of announcement). Or if you're unsure, you can take a little time to decide and we'll lock your special rate until February 1st."

$250 locks in the best rate and there's no risk if you're not happy with the new info when it comes out.  If you have any interest in doing the race, I strongly encourage you to throw your money into the hat.  While you're at it, tell them what YOU want out of your Singletrack Summer Camp experience.  They want to hear what you have to say.  Now is the time to make it count.

Be there.  I insist.

We could be friends (unless you don't think farts are funny).


Anonymous said...

next year, I want to do a race with my 14 year old... she's fn fast... hopefully, she keeps up the spirits of racing... taking the torch I once lit in my own eyes for survival.
Teenage years, yikes... too much partying in my teenage years then took up cross country running... good thing, cause all the guys I hung around with when I was thirteen ended up in gangs (hells angles and shit). I took the other route - running, weight lifting etc... then school then mountain biking...
I do remember my first bike at the ripe young age of 4 though as my dad would put me on the biggest hill then push me down. Man, did I hit the ground running... hence, the joys of pain.

with this, I hope to get back into racing next year.
a couple hundred milers
and 1 or 2 stage races...
maybe the iron cross as well, it looks like a cool race.

as for now, I'm just enjoying riding my cyclocross on trails (700x25 tires). And, riding with the kids - getting the next generation ready for racing, I hope... teenage years can be so unforgiving.

Anonymous said...

keep your eye on this site as she's doing the tour divide... that would be neat to do as well

runninggunner said...

Dicky. Long time follower. Maybe I've been a commenter? I come from BC and have been interested in this race for years? What's the approx total cost for doing this race? flight, reg, accom? I'm not a single speeder, but a hardtail guy, which is rare in BC. Would I be able to have fun and fit in if I came by myself? also, i love beer and am a mid to late mid pack finisher.