Friday, July 10

Hated it (or will)

Looks like I'm doing Watt's stupid ride on Sunday (which is a hundred and EIGHT miles?).

I can't get out of it because I said I would go, and I'm like that.  Looks like I'm riding something like this (or exactly this, who knows?):

Watts is borrowing (okay, demoing), this bike from Niner and I'm borrowing it (demoing it?) from... someone in this chain of borrowers.  An RLT, which could be like the bike I want but isn't entirely like what I want but is the bike I need to ride if I want to survive a hundred miles of random roads Watts has strung together based on towns with funny names like Erect, Why Not, and Climax.  I expect so many dick jokes it's not even funny (because they probably won't be either).

I'll be riding pretty much for the afterness of it all:

"And once we're all sated...and our legs are rubbery... we'll hang at the shop, soak in pools, drink beer, eat tacos from the taco truck...and tell ribald tales of our exploits that day"

And then I'll have to wake up Monday, drive back to Charlotte, and try to go to work, hoping no one notices that I am an empty husk until the end of the day. 

At which point, I'll be having yet another Living la Vida Bachelor Week.  I intend to ride a bunch, drink beer, watch the Tour... and make the most of a dog-free weekend.  From Friday through Sunday... I expect rain, regardless of whatever the weather man says.  Hoping for some riding in the mountains, couch crashing, camping... I dunno.  I haven't started making plans but I guess I better start scratching my head if I wanna make the most of it.

Did I mention I hate road riding?

I did?



Watts said...

You hate road riding so much.... that you decided to make it your job.

Anonymous said...

Where is hallowed ground trail in Charlotte? The one from your pics.....good luck Sunday.

dicky said...

At the Northeast end of McAlpine greenway, cross WT Harris, go into the woods.

Anonymous said...

I love riding skinny - that's all I ride now is 700x25 wheels... on dirt and on road... technical riding on skinnies is much much harder. You have to move baby or those baby heads will kill your rubber. You can't be lazy like on a fat tire ride. Skinnies make you think. Skinnies make you move. More fun. Less resistance as well...
when putting out wattage you want:
1) low shit weight
2) low rolling resistance
3) brain engaged and full throttle ahead.