Tuesday, August 25

It's coming!

It feels like Christmas and cross are coming all at once.   Like Christcrossmas or something.

I only have 25 days left of potential "training" and "racing."

Of course, by "training," I do not mean following some sort of preconceived plan with structure and regularity with which one might achieve desired physical results.   Just minutes where I ride for something other than pleasure, transportation and occupation.

Other than today, because yesterday I was still le tired.  Hopefully 9+ hours of sleep will fix that (although it hasn't worked yet).

"Racing," meaning two more events that are long enough that I really don't wanna just bullshit my way through them; The Shenandoah Mountain 100 and (more than likely) the Revenge of the Rattlesnake.  Yeah, the Revenge is the same weekend as the Fool's Gold 50/100.  Whatever.  Something different and supposedly West Virginia technical, which I think is "fun."

No Double Dare, Swank, Couch Potato, Wilkes 100K (canceled anyways).... whatever else.  I think.

So maybe I might end up having to bullshit my way through something. 

The timing is perfect to cease all morning bonus rides anyways.  Actually, about a month late.  My quiet suburban streets are now bustling with distracted parents taking their kids to school, child-zombies walking to their stops with screens alight in front of their faces... my favorite time of year.  I fill my hate energy cells daily.

When I was a kid, I stood outside and waited for the bus... like forever.  I couldn't see it coming over the hill through the plastic enshrouded window at the west end of the mobile home in time to run down the forty foot long hallway to the backdoor (the front door was also covered in plastic) and get down the football field driveway before the driver would beep and run.  So I stood out there, every Ohio winter, in the dark, on the side of Route 6... with my coat unzipped... because I wasn't stupid?

I woulda killed for Angry Birds... or a window I could see through and a front door through which I could exit the mobile home.  It's good to want things.  Builds character.

Most importantly, I finally got around to doing what I promised myself would be done before the "season," update my iPod music for the first time in three years.

What kind of music?

Both kinds.  Country and Western music

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Anonymous said...

Mee see U @ 100. Will you still have brain?

U see Mee @ Terror of Teaberry on the 27th of Sept in Michaux? It TOTALY worth time 4 any mummy. Especially if you bring me brain.

Zombie Buck