Monday, August 24

Birfday not Recovery Day

As far as my recovery and regaining some kind of fitness goes, I would have been best served by staying as close to the couch as possible on Saturday and maybe kick-starting the "new me" on Sunday.

But that wasn't happening.

Zac's girlfriend, Kate (and others), had orchestrated quite the elaborate 30th birthday surprise for him that involved much riding about town and trail and beer... all day long.

So up and out of the house I went on the By:Stickel... because we were headed to the Backyard Trails, and I thought the 150mm fjork would come in handy... on like two or three jumps.  Under-geared and rubberedly shod for the mountains be damned, I pedaled over, prepared to see my house some time later that evening.  Hooray. 

I'm on time at the trail head... by that, I mean early.

As expected, things start late.

Quite the showing, with Zac, Kürdt, Leef, Scott, Paw, Nik, Colin, Chris, Joey... a regular Faster Mustache and super friends ride.  We ride and play... birthday boy, unaware.

Trails and tech loop foot-down fest to jump clinic...

photo cred: Nik
photo cred: Kürdt
I can get a good look at a T-bone by sticking my head up a bull's ass, and I can also learn how to jump by watching bikes fly over my head.

Anyways, now we're late.  Get over to Sir Ed's, eat Nick "The Face of Chaos" Barlow's leftover hangover burger...

photo cred: Chris
put other things in my mouth, off towards The Spoke Easy...


photo cred: Dred
 and off and to the Common Market...

photo cred: Kürdt
More beer and off to Noda something something...

Where Kate does the surprise thing and "ices" her birthday boyfriend.

photo cred: Jess
And then to Zac's place for beer and food and things...

photo cred: Merrill
I stuck around for as long as I could hold out and still ride home at least part way with the Gentle Ginger.  Unwilling to acknowledge the BRIDGE OUT thing and take the detour... because... cross is coming.

I've been exhausted and wished I coulda went on into that good night.  As it was, I went home, drank what seemed like nineteen glasses of water, ate much apple crisp and sundrious other random things that looked good (The Pie went to that place where they sell the food).  I slept in late on Sunday and did as little as possible, hoping to feel like 90% me/10% ass (for a 46 year old) starting today.

Cross may be coming, but the Shenandoah Mountain 100 is more comier.

BTW:  That birfday bonanza was a beautiful thing, and I'm glad I was there even if it made me more dead.

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