Tuesday, September 29

I'm used to being a thing by now

In case you missed this, these are now a thing:

Photo taken by Matt McFee of Hermosa Tours, who will either stick this on a shuttle van or on the bike of the next customer to call him Stinky McGoo on Yelp.

These are fresh off the sticky press from Handup Gloves, the first installment of characters known as the Handup Squad or "Hup Squad" for short... or The Handup Squaderino if you're not into the whole brevity thing.

There are three ways you can get one (or two).

1. Find me. In the streets of Charlotte.  At an event.  In the woods.  Hanging out in some place that has beer.  Then, ask me if I have any on me.  If I do, you can haz.  If I don't, we can hug it out.

2. Buy a pair of Handup Gloves soon.  Every order ships with one until they run out.  Which could be soon.  Or not.  I have no idea.  If you don't have a pair of Handups, you should.  They're very nice.  Like a Holy Grail.  Of course, if you're not too keen on acquiring a pair because you've already got one, feel free to mock those without.

3. Email me at teamdicky at hotmail dot com.  I'll send you an address, you send me a self addressed stamped envelope, I'll send you a sticker.  Just like that.  Until I start running out. I started with somewhere close to 150 of them, and I managed to not lose the batch I took with me to Road Worlds, so let's just say they will last awhile.

For scale, they are about this big:

Good for bikes, cars, high school lockers, refrigerators, mugs... ummmmmm... places you stick things.

What more can I say?  They're stickers.  Of me.  Basically for free... so maybe I should just let people buy me beer instead.  Or stick with the plan. Whichever.


Anonymous said...

2 stamps is a bit steep for one of those stickers.

I'm holding out for the Bobblehead

Anonymous said...

they look nice... save me one please!
I'll put it on my bag.

Anonymous said...

here's some stupidity...

Mike said...

What's that your holding? Ambiguity confuses me...

Anonymous said...

and what about the ones that say "fuck rich dillon"