Friday, October 2

You lost me at "hell no"

What can I say?  I'm a fucking wet blanket.

No mountain bike ride last weekend.  No way it's gonna happen this weekend either.  In case you missed it (or live on the wester side of the country), we're gonna get blasted with anywhere between seven to fourteen inches of rain over the weekend. 

I've got something like zero to two projects I can work on this weekend.  Had I more forethought, my hands would be much less idle.  I've been stalling on getting the funball time-waster rolling for the off "season," and now I've got nothing.

I had momentary stoke when I saw this while perusing the internet at work and decided I was gonna buy one (or two) for myself.

The Stashers TubeTop.  It goes right along with my funball theme for the '15-'16 do-nothing period.

MBOAR: More Beer On All Rides

So, imagine my dismay when I went home last night and started eye-balling my tiny mountain bike frames and discovered I have naught room for this pack under my top tube.  I could maybe squeeze the two beer TubeTop in my diminutive frame, as long as I was willing to forego putting water in my seat tube cage... which is an option, I guess.  Dunno.  How many 12oz beers make up for the lost hydrating powers or 22oz of water?

My other option would be to buy one for all my tall friends on the condition that they carry my beer on all rides.

So much stagnation.  It smells like that water that won't drain out of my gutters.

At this point, I'm just looking forward to the Pisgah Productions Double/Single Dare weekend.  I know I will be there in some way, racing or riding seasonal trails and such.  As the weekend gets closer, I'll have to consider my options and decide how hard I want to play at The Warriors Team Scavenger Hunt and Gold Sprints the Friday night before.  The potential for bad decisions is huge.  I'm pretty sure I got Watts to commit to doing something with me that weekend.  Maybe we're getting married.

Richmond was such a terrible haze. 

I'm pretty sure someone peed on me.

I guess on the plus side, my feet won't be soaked till later this afternoon and by the end of the weekend, my bike room will be well organized and immaculate.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the stickers, Dickers!

I'll carry your beerz if I can pee on you laterz.


Anonymous said...

peed on? wonder ghost?

Anonymous said...

Just flip the pack to the top side and lash it to the seat post instead of seat tube. Duh.

dicky said...

Sounds floppy.

Burt Friggin' Hoovis said...

I feel you bro.

I may go out to the garage and see if I can build up another winter training bike from the parts laying around and try to keep from least until after 11 am.

Mike said...

I just can't wrap my head around the MBOAR trend. I mean, I really really like beers, but riding is one of the few things that I don't like alcohol as an enhancement. Shit, I don't even do other enhancement activities before descending (because it makes me crash more).
But, to each their own cup of tea or whatever.

Eric Wever said...

I see Mike has become proficient in speaking Greek. That school thing must be working out for him.

STASHERS said...

Hey sorry you had trouble mounting the bags. You can attach the small TubeTop to your handlebars or on the seat tube. I also saw someone mount it under the downtube once since there was plenty of clearance. Check out our intagram for other ideas: @stashers_ Thanks for the write up! Cheers 🍻