Friday, September 18

Making myself likable again

Today is a big day, and I didn't wanna just brush it off.  Last night, we celebrated Sizemore's two year anniversary of moving in with us (which is actually today, but I'm skipping town).

We didn't even know if he was going to live through the night when we brought him into our lives.  Just one of many victims of a hoarding situation, he just happened to be the worst.  He just laid there, couldn't even lift his head, let alone walk.

The end of that sappy video (made by The Pie) documents his first steps in who knows how long.  Two years later, he's still wagging his tail, being incredibly quirky, still letting me hold him like a baby.  Such a good boy.

Also, Josh the Wonderboy is retiring from the messenger game (again).

The Wonderboy, creator of this historical document:

This time, he's moving far away to Greensboro, NC, which means he's Watts Dixon's problem now.  Don't worry, he's like a good pet.  Incredibly loyal, happy to see you, and fun to be around... he just might pee on something when you're not looking.

Seriously, he will.

I can't even remember how long he's been a fixture in the Charlotte messenger "scene," but it's been a long damn time.  He was one of the three remaining Supreme Court Justices, and now our numbers are just two.

Now I have twice the reason to go to Greensboro... unless there's a road ride going on, in which case I'll just stay home and exfoliate my callouses with a cheese grater. 

Don't forget.  Tomorrow.  Your unwanted beer tickets at the Fool's Gold 50/100... give them to me.


Anonymous said...

nice vid... poor dogs. I love my shebear (husk/chow mix)... she loves biking,especially in the winter.

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fletch said...

Good job with the the dog!