Thursday, September 17

Saying goodbye

Wow.  I blew it yesterday.  In peeling my onion, I never mentioned that I thought the socks were a stupid AND offensive idea.   People assuming I was taking a stance on the issue when I was talking about a much broader topic that does cross my mind from time to time.  In stating that I think there's a lot of gray area on this subject, I guess people drew the conclusion that I thought this landed in there.  Doh.

What I find fascinating still, it that all the grief was directed at Interbike.  If you believe their apology tweet, then all this outrage should have been redirected at the sock company actually responsible.  Aside from a few mentions on social media and some stuff on their FacePage (or their other FacePage), not a whole lot of that action.  Seen it before, we'll see it again.  Social media is pretty harsh and hasty when doling out punishment once it finds a whipping boy.

But wait.  I see Amanda Batty has taken the fight to where it (probably) belongs.  Good on her for that.

I should stick to doing what I do best, which is pretending that I'm doing something important.  Which I'm not.

Hopefully I haven't pissed off every woman who owns a bike, because I'm still hoping that I might get some unwanted beer tickets at this weekend's Fool's Gold race.

Shit.  I'm not saying women can't drink, don't deserve beer, shouldn't drink, owe me anything...

So hard to not step on toes when you're not looking down...

Damn it.  I'm not saying I look down on women.

Shit again.  I just didn't wanna dilute my chances at getting extra beer tickets by eliminating half the possible donors.  I need to hire a new PR and social media guy.

Maybe Saturday is my last race of 2015.  Assuming I don't do Single Dare.

or the Lula Lake Land Trust 5-Points 50

or some random cross race. There's a lot of them... coming.

It will be the last race I do with a mustache in 2015, and with that comes many sads.  I promised The Pie my FRO (For Racing Only) mustache would be gone once the real racing was over... as if I was ever really "racing" anyways.  I will follow through with my word and get rid of this lip broom that I've become quite attached to.  Not so much that it's enhanced my appearance, but it has made life more pleasant.  Hard to look in a mirror and see that mustache looking back at me and not smile.

Of much more excite, Interbike announced that something cool is coming to my world.

Basically, a Dirt Demo coming to my town.  I like when the world comes to me.  Makes life easier.

I have time to decide if I want to beg the few industry insider douchebags that still talk to me (especially now that I'm a misogynistic, knuckle-dragging ape) for credentials to get into the "trade days," or just be treated like a regular, annoying consumer and test ride bikes, take stickers, and barter for t-shirts... ones that don't represent women as objects... but ones that accentuates my few positive physical attributes while hiding my mostly negative parts so when other people look at me, they perceive what they see as attractive... of course.

I wish this event was going on right now, in case I might make a regrettable decision like I often times do every time I forget the last one I made.


But right now, racing. 

Then relax, try and not get (too) fat, lazy trips to the mountains and what have me.  Maybe try to not piss so many people off.  Some day that woman I piss off might be the nurse with my life in her hands...

I'm not saying women can't be doctors.  It's just that the doctor isn't in the room that much and the nurse has so much of the follow-up care in her/his hands...

Damn it.

Late edit:  Yeth, there was some moronic babble in my comments yesterday.  Sorry, but I just don't delete comments UNLESS they're attacking an individual.  Except me. My skin is thick...

I'm not saying women have thin skin... fuck me.  Where's my PR guy??


Anonymous said...

Onions suck!

Dan said...

Keep on keeping on Dick(y)!

Anonymous said...

Men can't be nurses? WTF?

Anonymous said...

Stop typing. You'll hurt someone's feelings some how, someway . . . .

Anonymous said...

You didn't blow it, you're a late 40's, relatively affluent, white male in 'murica in 2015 -you are to be blamed for everything from slavery to mysogyny.

Amanda Batty's response is totally on point, however, I wonder how she might act when pulled over for speeding by a male law enforcement officer? An ex is a torch bearer for feminism, LBGQT, equal rights for all, provided pro bono legal representation for children & women, etc. but drove like a maniac. She never got a ticket due to flowing blond hair, breasts, killer smile & batting her eyelashes. She should not be allowed on public roads in a 1 ton missile but due to taking advantage of her sex, she's still allowed to do so.

To sum up, what's wrong with being sexy?

Anonymous said...

The industry as a whole is having a conversation about the perception of women and the behaviors those perceptions create. Just because people are saying that shitty things happen on a regular basis and we, as a whole, should care doesn't mean that people are being over sensitive.

It's a discussion that's been needing to happen for quite some time, because lots of people believe that since they know a woman who used their boobs to get out of a ticket that there's nothing amiss when the industry's largest conference creates an atmosphere in which sexualized images of women are seen as the norm.

What's wrong with being sexy? Nothing at all. But that question is irrelevant to the discussion at hand.

Anonymous said...

Dicky, you're well spoken, but enjoy your rants. I think our society is getting soft(er). Stop. Let's roll it back before government assisted programs to help the so-called helpless. Roll up your sleeves, be able to take it on the chin and suck it up. Politically correct is bullshit. Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Dicky, FWIW, I love your blog. I am a woman. I ride. And quite frankly, am disgusted that A) you felt the need to apologize and B) that my fellow women rider commenters (assuming the DO ride) are so bent out of shape about the damn socks.

Give me a pair. I will wear them just as proudly as I do my sock guy brand beaver socks. Anyone who is offended, too bad. Just get the hell out of MY way when I ride by because chances are you will still be sitting in the parking lot bitching and moaning about some other made up feminist issue rather than riding anyway.

Chris said...

Please exclusively use memes (sarcastic or not) in your next post to alleviate any confusion.