Tuesday, October 27

Eighteen Wheels a Rollin'

Because it's something that happened over the weekend, I've now added TruckerCo to the official list of "Dick Supporters" on my sidebar.

Because it's official now as opposed to being unofficial as before now.  It's was one of those typical (in my world) conversations regarding sponsorship and expectations.

"What do you wanna do?"

"I don't know... what do you wanna do?"

That's about as formal as any sponsorship I've ever had.  Except Maxxis tires.  They require urine samples and next of kin information for their application.  They do send the urine back when they are done, so that's nice.

What can I say, other than TruckerCo stuff works and everyone saves money?  Stock Shimano brake pads cost an arm and a leg.  TruckerCo brakes pads cost... like maybe the lower arm, from the wrist to maybe just above the elbow.  I've been running the same Organic Semi-Metallic pads on the Vertigo since February 27th and the Sintered Metallic on the Stickel since June 28th.  Both have plenty of life left in them, and I've noticed zero difference from the stock Shimano pads in terms of performance.

I've also been using the Cream tire sealant since February.  Zero flats.  I realize some would point out that saying that I've had no flats thanks to my sealant is like saying my tiger-repelling rock has kept me safe from potential tiger attacks.

It's not just specious reasoning, tho.  I've twice found evidence of the sealant doing its job.

Way too astute readers of this blog might remember a screw-induced flat I had on a ride I this past summer, but that was on an old tire that had been sealed with another product.  I no longer mix sealants (bad experience), so that tire had never seen an ounce of TruckerCo Cream.  Purchased in the 34oz size (comes with injector syringe), it's only $24.99, making it the best deal out there when it comes to tubeless sealant.

Other bits I've been running...

Their ti rotor bolts are one of the most inexpensive options out there.

They are a luxury item, for sure.  A great gift for the weight-weenie cyclist that just can't seem to drop those extra 11 grams of chin fat.  Really, I just wanted to show Dahn Pahrs that my bike actually gets dirty.

The 48mm long options of their ano valve stems are a necessity for my deeper crabon rims.  They work and also make all nice matchy-matchy with my spokes.

I installed a Nano Teflon shifter cable on my Thomson drooper.  I was all about Teflon cables when I figured out the whole Gore cable system was a bust... and then I had the hardest time finding them after awhile.  I had blown through all the cables I had collected some time back (took awhile, since I took up single speeding).  Now I've got them for days.  Fresh cables = smooth drooping.

To be honest, I don't know if having sponsors' logos on the sidebar makes much difference, other than making things more colorful as people scroll down looking at photos or searching for grammatical errors.  It's just one of the small ways that I bother to acknowledge who's helping me do what I do... on an official basis... for however long that lasts.  I can tell you that if they are over there, I use their stuff, and it doesn't suck.


Anonymous said...

If it helps any, I did buy some TruckerCo pads based on your reviews (and their price) but I bought them from Amazon.

Anonymous said...

Any discount codes for new buyers?

dicky said...

Sure. Send me an email at teamdicky at hotmail dot com

I think I have something at home.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Been using their pads based on your review. Worked awesome all year. Was actually getting ready to pull the trigger on some sealant too :thumbsup:

Anonymous said...

selling urine? I'll take two cases for home use...