Monday, October 26

Trail Police

Way too open weekend.  I was almost paralyzed with indecision.  Nobody suggesting an agenda.  Weather impossibly beautiful.  One responsibility hanging over my head.  I really needed to scout the (sorta) trails I suggested for the 2016 Tour duh Charlotte.

I've always wanted to check out the double track close to my house.  Never could find a logical way in, so I bushwhacked through the woods... until I saw multiple NO TRESPASSING PRIVATE PROPERTY signs.  I bailed through a fence, came out behind one of the many, many Masonic Temples near my place.  Leaving it behind me, I saw this sign:

Which makes me... think.  What are they up to and does this sign really stop the cops from checking on them when they're doing their pagan rituals?

At least I know now not to go poking around in there anymore.

On to things I know to get to things I don't know.

Ride selfie.  TRBL.  Not worth the three minutes wasted.

On some never ridden (by me) sewer line.  An old rock wall that I've never seen...

and close by, a safe that had been busted into Geraldo Rivera style... if he had bothered to drag it all the way into the woods to see the contents and be disappoint.

I keep seven years worth of taxes, a hard drive with photos, my passport, and a sock that lost its mate in mine.

This under a major road connection has me so excite.  I never found it this summer, because SPIDERS kept me from getting this far.  Holy shit, I'm so glad they're all dead or hibernating or vacationing in Florida.

I'm not entirely sure I accomplished much more than eliminating some possibilities, and riding thirty-six miles... and ending up at The Spoke Easy... despite it being seven miles out of the way.  They have beer, I still had time, and I was tired of riding down sewer lines and such.

Wasn't gonna ride on Sunday, but then FaceBook made something come to fruition and a group assembled at the Backyard Trails.

Chris "I Ride" Daily showed up with this:
Guess who decided the jumps probably wouldn't be worth doing that day.

Much riding and happy times and stuff that makes fall riding worth leaving the house.

Halfway through the tech loop foot-down throw down... which always brings out the worst in me.  I need to learn how to ride my bike.  Basil doesn't play the foot-down game, thus he doesn't need to hold onto the fence to stay dab-less.

Jump line Kürdt show.

I'm not sure where this is going, but I refuse to pay someone to cut my hair, so things are just gonna happen until they stop.

Super happy to be back on the rigid single speed, although the 29+ tire still perplexes me.  It contributed to one exciting get-off from a medium sized technical feature that didn't kill me.  Not bad, considering three dumb things combined forces to see me falling from a height that had me thinking, "This will not end well."

I need a few more weekends like this.  Like a hundred of them.

Boring post, but man, I love fuck-all fall days.  Love.


Anonymous said...

nice! I get chased by the cops all the time...
don't worry about it.

things come and go, they keep dancing.

scrw the no trespassing signs. We were here first... and the animals before us.

Anonymous said...

Do I smell a skullet?