Friday, October 16


Looks like I'm doing this tonight:

A scavenger hunt or something.   Normally I just show up to these things early, drink beer, watch the start, drink beer, watch people finish, drink beer, and go home.  The theory behind me "participating" in the actual organized activity is that I will not be able to drink (much) after 7:00PM and then I'll hopefully be home before 11:00PM.

I don't wanna (greatly) impact the making of great bicycle rides in the Pisgah this weekend.

I'm not Single Daring or Double Daring, but I am daring to get up early on Saturday to head to the mountains, shred the seasonal trails (that just opened Thursday), leaf peep, drink beer, and camp... all whilst those who still have a race in their 2015 legs battle it out for wins in both races AND the King of Pisgah Series.  I'm sure at some point that I'll be wishing that I was racing, but I just didn't have the required ooomph to get organized, find a partner, and hold onto some fitness from the "season."

And my goodness, what a weekend it will be to live life in the mountains.  Of course, the temps at the Cove Creek Campground are going to dip down to near freezing.  They always do.  Doesn't matter how unseasonable warm it will be on the days leading up to and the days following.  It's always cold down in the holler for Double Dare weekend.   Nothing like sitting in your tent, looking out the door, and waiting for the sun to peep out over the mountain and defrost the grass before you get out of bag.

Time to shindig and stand by a giant flaming pile of wood and... put out puffy coat fires as flying embers burn holes into everything and anything.

I am.  Excite.

Gears and leaves and big forks and beer and fire and friends and a shitty night's sleep.  Perfect weekend (except maybe the gears tho).

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