Wednesday, October 14

In case I start feeling shamey

I've got something else to do other than ride gears and get soft in the middle this off "season."

It's back and bigger than before.  The last time I ran the Chronicle, I only had an Enduro™ rim up front.  26mm inner width.  Now I got these NOX Farlows.  29mm inner width with a HOOKLESS bead lip.

Now this set up is slightly molar proper.  The Ikon 2.35 in the rear has a massive footprint as well.

I had been (and maybe still am) considering the possibility of trying some 650b+ wheels/tires on this frame... but.

I want this bike to be as fast as it can be, given the terrain of the average endurance race course.  I'm still not convinced that slinging super-fat meats can add to overall speeds.  There's always so much twisting, re-accelerating, pavement, gravel... whatnot.  I can't see how adding 3/4 to 1 pound of rotating weight is gonna make that better.  Funner?  Maybe.  But not faster.

Since I'm not really worried about going fast right now, this will be what I'm doing when I'm not riding that geared abomination around. 

Unless I tire of this too.  Because I really love this bike the way it normally is.  Fast.  Light.  Fast.

And sorta fun.

I imagine that the Chronicle 3.0 at 11PSI will shake my strap-on beer up less than an Ardent 2.4 at 16.5PSI.

It's just simple science really.

Speaking of strapping things to my bike, I knew this was coming, have been running them since Breck Epic, but didn't realize they were available to the masses already.  The 2016 Race Strap with Overlock is now something you can buy.

The addition of that small Overlock strap means that it's pretty much impossible to loosen the main strap completely without undoing this small bit first.  I haven't had a strap come loose since the generations-old, more complicated, double-looped strap design went away.  The latest incarnation has been bullet-proof, but now it's bullet-proofier.
It.  Doesn't.  Come.  Lose.

If you decide to place an order, save yourself some shipping and handling and pick up a Super 8 while you're at it.

Everybody needs this thing.  Because... burrito.  It will hold one.  Yeth, your dreams have come true.  You can take your burrito with you without wearing a pack, rendering packs totally useless.

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