Tuesday, October 13

I'm used to losing

2015 Single Speed Worlds happened over the weekend.  Obviously, I wasn't there.  I was too busy getting ready for Geared Worlds... or something.

A man and a woman were crowned champions, and the tattoos were distributed thusly.

Why Amy is a "Champ" and Angus is a "Champs" is yet to be determined.  It was his second win at SSWC, so maybe that explains it?  Dunno

What was determined is that the SSWC '16 will be in Australia.

photo cred: Drunk Cyclist
One thing I love about the SSWC is that it truly is a "World Championship," as it does actually go all over the world.

One thing I hate about the SSWC is that it truly is a "World Championship," as it does actually go all over the world.

You read that correctly. 

I know it's a very America-centric thought.  Kinda like the "World Series" of baseball, where the "world" is us and Canada.  Just enough Canada to make it feel worldly tho.

I admire my little friends that traipse all over the globe every year to attend SSWC.  There's a certain level of commitment there.  You have to somewhat enjoy travel, the immersion into a new culture, the seeing of things that are on the internet.

That's not me, so much.

For the same amount of money it would take me to get to Australia, I could go to Whistler for a week (or more), spend even more time riding my bike (less travel time), stay in a plush hotel, get lift tickets, shuttle to other places nearby, and not have to learn how to speak Australian.

And I probably wouldn't do the Whistler thing either.  Because... money.  If the world blows up tomorrow, I'll regret not traveling more, but if I live past sixty five, old me will thank young me for putting something aside.

If and when SSWC gets back to the US (continental, not land grabs and islands), I'll go.  If it heads to Europe again, I'll at least look at plane tickets.  And then not go.  But at least I'll look.

Speaking of me being a big loser...

The KOM I took on my birthday back in June on my tarck bike has fallen to this man (I think):

Pretty sure it was him.  I did at least two minutes of internet sleuthing to find him.

Total stranger.  Did not expect that.  I thought it woulda fell along time ago to a spiteful friend.  But no.  This guy.  A triathlete even.  At least his profile pic wasn't him in a bowling league shirt.

I'm not going back out to get it back.  Well, maybe.  On my 47th birthday.  On my tarck bike.  Because... stalker.

STRAVA is such an odd thing.  Like sushi, I didn't mind trying it, but it wasn't really for me.  If there's ever a burrito version of STRAVA, let me know.


AdamB said...

Yes, we need Stravito. "Everything rolled up into one perfect, tasty (and filling) cycling app..."
Sign me up too. Why? because Stravito.

Anonymous said...

it ain't stalking if they put it on the www... that's an open playground... stalking, sounds like you are going in for the kill...
(like a bird of prey or the like)

you look different in the pic above.

Anonymous said...

The guy's tattoo says champ(s). Was he part of a "team" effort? Kinda fucked up!

Anonymous said...

Just would like to point out the valve stem doesn't fall between the "XX" on the Chronicle.