Tuesday, November 24

Grab your Number 2

I attempted to go for a run on Saturday after wheelie practice.  It did not work out.

Apparently, I went a little too fast and a little too hard last weekend.  I've been somewhat self-hobbled.  I feel like someone loaded my feet and ankles with concrete and beat them with a sack of pennies.  Just getting down the stairs every morning is a practice in patience.  The last week at work was pretty busy, so I was on my feet most of the time.

So yeah, I rode over to the track, ran ten feet.  Stopped.  Stretched.  Ran ten feet.  Stopped.  Went home.

This is the second time (or third or fourth... I've lost track) that I've gotten back into running with too much enthusiasm and put myself out of commission.  Strangely though, I remember when I was gearing up for Run Club over Thanksgiving weekend at the beach years ago, it was my knees that took up the revolt.

I'm not going to run until my feet/ankles are 100%. I can't let this impact my entire Cyclo Ross season.

Sunday, it was time to do some more assploring for the 2016 Tour duh Charlotte.  I grabbed my geared bike since I'm still sleeping-on-the-couch sick... and the whole "concrete ankles" thing.   Not always the best idea to have dangly bits on your rig when you might find yourself literally riding through the woods with nary a trail around but plenty of limbs and sticks.   Whatever.

If things work out the way we think it will, this might be a very long Tour duh Charlotte.  Also, a most excellent Tour duh Charlotte.  I think there is zero chance that anyone outside the team has actually ridden their bikes everywhere that we're going.  Zero.  You will see something new.  If you come.  Which you will.

Pencil your calendars for March 19th and keep the pen handy.

Now to plan my schlong Thanksgiving weekend.  I've got $40 in beer, a ride planned for Thursday morning at 10:00AM on the Backyard Trails, the Run Bike Slam on Friday, and then... what?

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