Wednesday, November 25


I'm a mess, and I can't wait for four days off in a row to either get better or push myself closer to the mortal cliff.

Monday night, I was up past my geriatric bed time for the Faster Mustache: Charlotte Chapter Team Photo Shoot by none other than our own picture making sponsor, Weldon Weaver.  Lots of goofing off, posing, standing, crouching... no beer.

Feel free to peruse all you want.

The results were incred.

Noelle got us access to a green screen for the night...

Which really makes me want a thing like this something awful.

Anyways, Happy Thanksgiving and all that.  If you're nearby (my proximity), feel free to join me at the Backyard Trails tomorrow at 10:00AM or at the Run Bike Slam on Blackout Friday.

Beer, bikes, and avoidance of foodstuffs.

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Anonymous said...

those pics remind me of that video you had posted some years ago on carbon fiber seat posts... and milk or something like that.

where do we get the shirts? I want one!