Friday, November 6


I'm primary/only parent from Thursday through Tuesday.  The Pie is in Florida running a half of a thing.  I have no idea what cycling-related stupidity I'll manage to get into this weekend.  Probably doesn't matter tho...

Zero chance of a trail being open locally.  Zero chance I can get away to the mountains.  One hundred percent chance I might lose my shit and watch movies all day on the couch with my progeny while consuming a barrel of popcorn.  She  likes movies with explosions maybe even more than me, so I got that going for me.

Which is nice.

I guess if I was a home owner, this would be one of those "paint the kitchen" or "fix that squeaky floor board" kinda weekends.  But I'm not.  I'm a home borrower.  My free time is exactly that.

Lately, I've been using my "free time" to sleep... for the most part.  I think I've been sleeping too much actually.  Without daily bloggings and no morning training, I'm sleeping close to nine hours a day.   Seems like I need a hobby, other than sleeping, so...

I'm gonna start running again.  The Pie took it up a couple of years ago, and has been digging it.  I've been known to delve back into my roots and put on stupid running shoes in the past.  If I start ambulating in a faster-than-walking manner 3-4 times a week, I imagine I'll start sleeping solid through the night AND burn off a beer or two in the process.  Also, I can do it in the rain, cold, whatever.

I'd just "exercise" if it were possible without considerable effort or motivation.  I haven't belonged to the YMCA in years, I have zero home equipment, no motivation to roll around on the floor, and I'll be damned if I'd even consider hopping on a trainer.  As terrible as it is, I'd rather run.  Outside.  In the dark.

Maybe this time I'll even buy a decent pair of shoes that costs more the $27.99.  Maybe.  YOLO and such.

I've also got my fjork back for my Stickle, so I guess I could start my wheelie lessons... in a wet, overgrown grassy field.

Not entirely sure that worn-out trail running shoes on XTR SPDs are a great idea, but it's what I got.

Maybe I'll just cut my hair or something.

Oh yeah, colon-wrecking gluten chew puck. Because... Bartlett.


Anonymous said...

Running and gears?

Is this the right blog?

Next week you'll be talking about your crossfit wod's!!

Anonymous said...

running, wtf?
I hate running, I would run if I had to catch my food though.
I like two wheels, it avoid foot pain.
My ex used to run, she was a btch though. Her foot broke training for a 1/2.
So, no running for me. Did enough of that in my high school years along with smoking dope and drinking. Now, I just like to bike. Its good for the soul.
Pizza + biking is good.
the dog loves biking as well. Get a dog, go riding...
Leave the world behind, just bike. its freedom at its best.

Anonymous said...

eff running. also, you really need to stop forgetting about poston. it's local, it doesn't close, and it's moar better anyway.

dicky said...

Just because a trail is open doesn't make riding in the mud any molar fun.

Anonymous said...

Dicky- please don't run. It's boring, it gives you repetitive stress injuries, and if you really get into it, you'll probably start posting every day again, but it will solely consist of reports on how close you are to beating your PR.

Instead, do core workouts. Way less time, actually helps your riding, will probably help your back issues, and the workouts are so short and unremarkable that you will never blog about them, leaving more time for pondering gears, drooper talk, fjork vs non-fjork, and repping sweet Backcountry Research product.